DWTS Brant Daugherty Says A Lot Of His Dances With Peta Murgatroyd Will Be “Very Very Sexy” (Audio)

Finally, a new interview with Brant Daugherty! Ryan Seacrest asked Brant if there is something going on between he and Dancing With The Stars partner, Peta Murgatroyd. Brant says, “Peta and I definitely have no lack of chemistry. We have a lot of fun around each other and a lot of our dances we are going to be doing are very, very sexy.” Hmmm….not sure what to think of this right now? I just want some really good dancing and genuineness. What do you think? More below and thanks to Lori for sending!

ADDING: The Backlot has posted a new interview with Brant as well. Below he talks of the competition, handling the judges, and more.

TBL: It’s early but who of your fellow contestants are you eyeballing as a threat?

BD: I’ve been thinking that for a couple of weeks now and I’m not completely sure. I don’t really know what a lot of them are capable of yet. I will say that I’m keeping my eyes on Corbin Bleu, I’m keeping my eyes on Christina Milian, I’m keeping my eyes on Elizabeth Berkeley [and] definitely Keyshawn Johnson.

TBL: You’ve been working on the Cha-Cha but what dance style scares the hell out of you?

BD: [laughs] You know, honestly, all of the Latin dances in general. I grew up in a little farm town in Ohio and there wasn’t very much Latin influence there so the whole concept of moving your hips…it’s a very foreign concept to me. We never Cha-Cha’d growing up, that’s for sure!

TBL: And sometimes on Dancing With The Stars, the guys have to rip their shirts off to get some votes. Are you ready to just rip it off?

BD: We’re not going to get into that too early. I don’t want to be the first one to start taking my shirt off every week. I think we’ll definitely get there but we’ll get there when the audience really wants to see it.

TBL: As far as you know, will you be good at taking criticism from the judges? They can be helpful but they can also be harsh. Are you ready for that?

BD: I think one of the advantages that actors have on the show is they get judged to their faces every single day. Nobody is ever shy in telling me how they feel whether it’s a casting director or somebody on Twitter, my manager or someone who has watched the show. They are always brutally honest with you so I like to think I have thick skin. I know that all the criticism is only there to make me better.

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