More DWTS Season 17 Week 1 Media After the Dancing (Part 3)

Thanks to our Miss Heidi for starting a new media post for me. Today has been a bear to keep up with work added to my schedule today. So, for more media updates we’ve found for you, if you go to Entertainment Weekly, you can see the cast being interviewed in their VIDEO SECTION on the “right” hand side of the page. Find the video with Mark pictured and then click on it (sorry, this is only way we can figure out how to tell you to view it). They talk of how they feel about the Bus Stop being next to the judges. Derek has an idea how to trick Bruno. It’s hilarious. Thanks to Lori for sending.

Below you can also see the cast being interviewed by EXTRA as well.

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Val Chmerkovskiy has also written a new blog at NBC with his thoughts on last night’s dances, surprises, and changes. Below is a take, but, be sure to see the link for more of his thoughts on Elizabeth Berkley.

The performance levels were really up there. I actually thought it might go as well as it did after I’d caught a glimpse of rehearsal. Still, you never know how it’s going to come together for show time. Some of the performances really surprised me. I thought Jack Osbourne did a great job. I didn’t expect him to do well, but he was great.

Valerie Harper really surprised me too. Forget that she has this horrible illness — she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want this to be the topic of the season for her even though that’s what will happen, at least at certain times. Ultimately, it’s about treating her like everybody else. She’s in her 70s, and she came out and moved with such grace. It was awesome to watch. She was good! Her arms, posture and frame were nowhere near being the worst of the night.

We’ve had some changes to the show. We’re not in the Celebraquarium anymore. We’re down on the floor for the whole show pretty much. (Host) Tom Bergeron made a great joke that we didn’t have it anymore because it had “gone condo.” I thought that was hilarious.

Being on the floor for the whole show creates a more intimate and cozier environment. It’s looser and I actually love it. I love being here and performing. The only thing is — well, we’re a little too close to the judges! But I’m so happy the show is back.

What a night! I think I’ll watch it all over again tonight!! I loved it that much.

ETA: Chelsie Hightower also weighed in on the night. You can read her blog in full at ABC. Below is take. Note how she gave Bill Nye the lowest score and Amber Riley the highest score.

Chrisina Milan: How gorgeous is she!! She has a stunning stage presence befor eshe even starts dancing. Great routine by Mark [Ballas]. This girl has a lot of potential. I saw some flexed feet and bent legs in areas where they should have been straight, but her performance was spot on. She captured the feeling of the dance and I saw some passion in her expression that translated to her body. Great work! I give this a 7.8.

Bill Engvall: This guy surprised me tonight! He wasn’t bad! He brought some great energy and attack to this dance. Nice choreography by [Emma Slater]. His topline was pretty good, but his footwork was even better than expected! Your on the right track – keep on the direction you are going! 7.2.

Valerie Harper: I’m going to be the 102nd person to say it, but what an inspiration! Seriously though, this lady is incredible. I almost don’t care how she dances. I hope she stays just so we can see her journey and how she handles this process. If she attacks it the way she attacks life, I’m sure we will see some great moments. I loved this routine and her childlike innocence and enthusiasm. I also loved seeing the way Tristin handles all his partners so politely and with such great careGreat job to the both of them! 7.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Snooki, the most controversial figure of the season. What a transformation from her “Jersey Shore” days! She’s a ‘lil diva. I really enjoyed the performance! She had great charisma and is a natural performer. Good job to the pair of them. 7.7.

Overall, a great premiere night for “Dancing With the Stars.” I actually really enjoyed the new format. Faster paced, cutting down time walking up the stairs and shorter interviews. It makes the show go by faster. Great job to all the pros who brought their A game and gave America a fun enjoyable night of dancing. This should be a great season. Let the games begin!