PureDWTS17 Media Round-Up After The First Dance On Dancing With The Stars (New Interviews)

Wow, what a great kick off to the new season of Dancing With The Stars Season 17. So much great dancing! I was quickly reminded of why I love this show so much!! But, enough from me, let’s get straight to some new interviews for what we have so far. First up, we have some of the cast being interviewed by our favorite reporter, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet.

Derek explains how his jacket ripped last night, but, he quickly got it fixed. Amber didn’t know what was going to happen, but, she just went out there and had fun. Derek says she brought the “sexy” even if she had doubts she could. The energy of the night helped them to dance. Once Amber shook off the nerves, a “swag” came over her and she told herself she could do it. Derek learned straight up she was performer and she had a lot of energy. For even more with Amber and Derek, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough.

Elizabeth is happy with 2nd place and how there is room to grow. She talks of how they had to “live in the moment”. They loved the energy of the night. One thing Val has enjoyed so far is hearing and learning about Elizabeth’s family and how that is something they are both passionate about it. Elizabeth loved the last moment of the dance and what a beautiful feeling it was. They are excited for week 2 and the work they will have to put in.

Brant and Peta!! George asks them on their connection and being set up by Tom. They get embarrassed and George promises not to ask them on it again (good!). Peta raves about how Brant is so nice and more than a pretty face. Brant says Peta is one of the funniest people he’s ever met. Peta is happy with them being in the middle of the pack. Brant raves on Amber and how she blew him away.

George tells Bill Engvall how he started his dance with a smile on his face and he ended the dance with an even BIGGER smile. Bill says part of the elation is that he is so glad they made it through it. Bill talks of how much he loves a LIVE audience and how he fed off of them. Emma thought he did such a good job! Emma learned straight up how funny he is and he has a lot of energy. Bill says Emma is so dedicated and passionate about her craft. He hopes to never let her down. Awwww!

Snooki had such a good time dancing last night and George says he saw her joy. Sasha says ‘having fun’ is important, but, they have to get serious too. Snooki says she’s an adult now and a woman. She has a lot to show to us. They are happy with their 8’s in the first week out. Snooki can’t wait for next week. Sasha assures us we’ll get to see another side to her.

Leah was pleased with the judges comments, but, she knows she has to work harder. George praises Leah on her expressions. Tony says Leah is very hard on herself. Leah is petrified and Tony has to give her counseling every day. After dancing, Tony is noticing how she has a new motivation.

And that is all with On The Red Carpet. They may post more interviews later. Be watching this link in case they do. They also have a fun recap up on the night that is a must read. Same with TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly.

Also, here is E News with a recap:

Lastly, below are some Access Hollywood interviews as well….

Karina says Corbin is a “diamond”. They talk of how hard they worked. Karina says it’s a dream come true to have Corbin as a partner. They hope to bring a new level of dancing to the dance floor. Corbin also raved on Valerie Harper and how much she is an inspiration.

Speaking of Valerie, she is humble as ever as they approach her about the inspiration she is to everyone. She just is sharing the truth with everyone and she says people shouldn’t listen to sensationalized headlines on her cancer that aren’t true. As for their dance, they just wanted to stick to doing the Fox Trot and to soak it all in.

Elizabeth talks of she and Val’s brutal rehearsals, how she found herself at a young age, and her relation with dancing and “Showgirls”. They have a Samba next week and hope to show another side.

Leah says she doesn’t remember dancing last night and she blanked out. Tony thought she nailed the dance. They also talk of giving up fear and Leah did it.

Access Hollywood may also post more interviews later, so be watching this link.

And that makes this post a wrap for now. More later! Thanks for reading and watching! What a night!! xxx