DWTS Tony Dovolani: “We’re going to compete against these guys and they better watch out”

Tony Dovolani has penned a new blog for In Touch Weekly. He writes of how much he clicked with Leah Remini immediately. Below he talks of how down to earth she is and there is a mention on Jennifer Lopez (btw, are the rest of you growing tired of the JLo mentions like I am?). And note how they don’t plan on going out without a fight.

But despite being such a big star, Leah could not be more down to earth! Some people make you think, “These guys are stars. They have egos. They have their things.”

None of that exists with Leah.

I’m inspired by her work ethic and professionalism; she’s never been late, and she’s shown her dedication by staying late. She’s just so caring, she makes me feel like the king—not many people make you feel like that in the world!

Maybe Leah knows how important support is because she has such an amazing support system; not only were her husband, sister, sister-in-law and daughter all there to support her, but she also had her best friend Jennifer Lopez cheering her on from the audience!

More than half of the cast are dancers and it’s not a secret, even though we can all pretend not to say it, or others insist that it’s different genres. But that makes me so grateful I’m with Leah—I don’t know anybody stronger or more gracious than her.

And I will make sure we will fight! Our earrings are off, our jewelry’s off, we’ve taken our gloves off; We’re going to compete against these guys—and they better watch out!

You can read the full blog at In Touch Weekly.