DWTS Sharna Burgess And Keyshawn Johnson Prepare For A Samba, Taking Baby Steps, And More

Keyshawn Johnson and Sharna Burgess talked with OK! Magazine about their first week of dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Keyshawn mentions how the LIVE music kind of threw him a curveball. Sharna talks of the differences between teaching him and Andy Dick.

OK!: Were you surprised by how difficult the Dancing with the Stars experience can be?

Keyshawn Johnson: I think for the most part for me the experience has been great. It hasn’t really been that difficult. In the beginning it was because I haven’t danced before so learning from her and trying to understand exactly what it is she’s trying to get me to do could be difficult but after a period of time I kind of picked it up. Then they kind of threw a curveball at me during the show because we started with a live band and we’ve been listening it on a track. Now I know and hopefully I’ll be prepared next time. I was prepared but just a little bit off.

Sharna Burgess: It’s getting used to the flow of things. We always have to rehearse to a track and here we have an orchestra so it always sounds a little bit different and sometimes when you connect to the way something sounds it can throw you off a bit. But now he knows.

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Also, be sure to read this personal note from Sharna that she tweeted out last night. She talks of last week’s challenges, Keyshawn taking baby steps, and previews this week’s Samba. Here’s hoping for the best for these two Monday night! Come on Guys! You can do this!