DWTS Season 17, Week 2 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

Well, we’re off to a great start with Elizabeth and Val, I think. Followed by Mark and Christina with a strong Paso Doble. All this unnatural gushing has me a bit worried, though. That, combined with the front loading of the show with great dancers. Hmmmm….what do you all think they are up to? I think Amber will get hammered and I think Bill Nye will get crucified. The former for “drama” the latter because they mistakenly believe that’s how to get rid of him. Nope. Dudes.

ETA: Bill E. getting hosed with dancing in the 3rd position. Good idea of “nicking” Derek’s stuff, though Emma. 🙂

ETA2: the Jeopardy Couples were: Elizabeth and Val, Bill and Emma, and Keyshawn and Sharna. Not necessarily the bottom two, the couple going home is Keyshawn and Sharna!!

Who thinks Elizabeth isn’t getting the votes she should be??

Bill Nye Science Guy

Jack and Cheryl

Bill Envall and Emma

Corbin and Karina