DWTS Season 17, Week 2 – Post Show Media Round Up!

Heidi here, Vogue is having some internet issues.  I’m starting this post, but odds are good that Vogue the Queen of all Media will do most of the updating. 🙂  I can’t find much (any) video at all right now – it’s like everyone took the night off after the Emmy…and they probably did.  First up, E! Goes behind the scenes with Leah Remini:

When we caught up with the contestants backstage after tonight’s performances, Remini exclusively told us that how happy she is to be a part of Dancing With the Star‘s 17th season. “The show has been a Godsend, and Tony has been a Godsend,” she smiled. “The cast and everybody has rallied around me. I have so many supporters I didn’t know I had and really the show has given me so much.”

Remini, who recently recently spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her defection from the religion, admitted that her fellow contestants are helping to fill a void in her life. “I don’t feel like I lost friends, I actually lost friends.” Remini explained. “It sucks but at the same time it is what it is and we have to move on, but I feel like I have a lot of really good friends, a lot of new friends.”

Corbin blogs for Access Hollywood:

For me, it was still coming relatively close off of ‘High School Musical.’ … That’s the thing about the show, it’s a wonderful opportunity to promote and a wonderful opportunity to show people who you are. … I really wanted to be able to grow and just transform myself as an artist and as a person first. I wanted to be able to go off and do things like I did with Broadway and doing all these movies where I’m playing all these sort of crazy characters and being able to do the soap [‘One Life To Live’] — all these projects. I’m working as a producer and establishing my business.

The contestants on Julianne being a guest judge from Entertainmentwise (Derek says “She’s going to destroy us!”):

However Glee actress Amber gave a more positive outlook on Julianne’s arrival on the show when she commented: “I really want to impress Julianne because she is one of my favourite dancers and I love watching her dance.”

Appearing to side with Derek that Julianne may be tougher on Derek, Cheryl Burke mused: “She’s probably going to be harder on her brother I think than giving him praise and good scores.”

Claiming that Julianne will be good when it comes to her judging talent, professional dancer Karina Smirnoff commented: “I think she’s going to have a very down to earth relateable comments, marks and hopefully scores.”

However, the dancer appeared to hint that she hopes she won’t be seeing favourtism between Julianne and her brother. She said: “In professional ballroom world, you are not allowed to judge any competition if you have any family members in the competition but hey it’s a TV show and I love Jules.

“I’ve known her since since she was 10 so it’s all good.”

Citing Julianne’s arrival on the show as refreshing, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi revealed her thoughts: “I’m very excited. she’s talented, amazing, gorgeous. I feel like she’s going to be a nice judge which is refreshing.”

ETA: Hi, Vogue here and I’m finally back. I haven’t had time to listen to everything but, On The Red Carpet has posted new interviews with the cast from after the show last night. You can listen to them all below…

And thanks to Jimmbboe, here is Sharna and Keyshawn on The View today. Dang, I am so sad on these two being eliminated last night. It should have been Bill Nye to go. 🙁

And here the two are on GMA this morning….

Also, ABC MediaNet has posted on the new dances for next week. Note how next week is “Hollywood Night”.

“Episode 1703” – It’s Hollywood night on “Dancing with the Stars,” as 11 remaining couples take to the ballroom floor MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). Featuring a spectacular opening number with the entire cast, each couple will take on a dance style that they have not previously performed including the Quickstep, Foxtrot, Charleston, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. At the end of the night, one couple will face elimination.

ETA2: Chelsie Hightower and Anna Trebunskaya have weighed in on the night at ABC. Below is their take on the routines as a whole. Lots more at the link.

The Routines

Anna: Not only did every couple get to perform again this week, but the elimination happened in the same night. That seemed a bit unusual to me and not altogether appropriate. The new format did make the whole show feel more compact and full of action. It also gave celebrities a competitive edge to perform their best. There was a lot of really good dancing and some interesting choices this week. Now lets get to it!

Chelsie: There were many standout moments for me, but no one that really stood above the rest quite yet. And it was the first night this season we saw somebody go home. Nobody wants to go home first. Going home first is comparable to being picked last on the playground and we’ve all been there once or twice. (And you thought you couldn’t relate!) Without delay, let’s get to it.

ETA3: Also, below is PopTVDotCom with their coverage after the show last night….

ETA4: Extra also talked with the cast of Dancing With The Stars after the show last night. They interviewed Julianne Hough too about her judging in two weeks.

You can also watch some new Access Hollywood interviews at this link.

ETA5: Ok, from the videos, blogs and news items in the recent past, so far we’ve gathered that Corbin has a Quick Step next. Bill Nye has a Jive. Bill Engvall has a Paso Doble. Leah has a Rumba. Amber has the Charleston.

ETA6: The cast talked to Entertainment Weekly about Julianne and her judging the show in a couple of weeks. You can watch a video at the link. Derek says, “She’s going to destroy us!” LOL!! Thanks to Kelly for the heads up.

Meanwhile, Derek jokingly worried Julianne would mark him down for having pulled her hair at some point in the ’90s, a beleaguered Snooki felt like she’d be a “nice judge, which is refreshing,” and Karina pointed out that in the professional ballroom world, family members judging each other is a no-no. “But hey, it’s a TV show,” she said.

“I really just wanna feel those paddles,” said Julianne, who won Dancing With the Stars‘ seasons 4 and 5 with partners Apolo Ohno and Helio Castroneves. “Don’t be surprised if the 4s are kicked out and just gone,” she told host Tom Bergeron. The gauntlet has been thrown down!