Corbin Bleu DWTS Talk, Would Like To Dance To “PYT” By Michael Jackson

Corbin Bleu answers questions out of a hat at He answers questions on his most satisfying role to date, his favorite hair style, and favorite fan encounter. Corbin also answers questions on Dancing With The Stars and how he’d like to dance to Michael Jackson’s “PYT” (Yes please. Make that happen! michaeljacksonsmiley ). He thinks his biggest competition this season is Christina Milian. Lots more at

UPDATE from the Karina and Corbin Camp: Apparently, Karina is experiencing some Flu symptoms? She just posted this note below at her facebook page. Let’s hope she’s going to be ok to dance tonight?

U guys have done it many times before, so I know that it works. I need your healing prayers. I have a fever, am achy, ears are under water… I need 2 get better quick. Please pray 4 a quick recovery and 4 the strength and energy 2 perform at my best tonight. THANK U! LOVE U! 18008683406

UPDATE2: Karina has written a new blog at People. She writes all about she and Corbin’s Quickstep and more. It sounds like they’ve been working non-stop at it. No wonder she’s feeling under the weather. However, @jimmbboe just talked with her (congrats Jim!!) on the phone and she said she’s feeling better and the show will be a killer tonight.

Our quickstep for this week is very difficult. Our routine is fast and complicated. I want to use this routine as a statement to tell people we’re here to compete.

This dance is like P90X for us. Literally, at the end of every rehearsal, we’ll go outside and just sit in this one area for 45 minutes not moving. The body is done. Even my eyelashes hurt. But I think the dance is going to be so cool.

It’s Hollywood golden era week, so a lot of people will either be doing the quickstep or the Charleston or cha cha. Our story is hysterical. It’s changed about five times. It’s kind of a take on the casting couch. He’s the director and he comes in to lead the audition and I am the starlet who comes in for the audition. And the rest is history. We’re just going to say I got the part.

UPDATE3: And Corbin has now written a new blog as well and right in time before the show. Here is what he says about tonight’s dance with Karina….

Our dance is basically like P90X, and it is a freaking marathon. With quickstep, we are doing jive and your arms are also in perfect frame the entire time, so that’s the most difficult part of that dance. It’s very insane. The thing with the quickstep is it is the first time I’ve felt really felt frustrated. With the quickstep, I’m having more difficulty getting the frame right.

This week what we’re doing is Hollywood week, so Karina decided to do the golden age of Hollywood – old movies, and we have a really sort of scandalous dance actually! I really wanted to play that old Hollywood story you hear so much about that director in who hooks up with the starlet in order to get the lead part.

More at People.

UPDATE4: Corbin is also blogging for Access Hollywood. LOL to karina being described as a “Russian Drill Sergeant”.

“DWTS” is no joke! I keep thinking that I’m going to get into a rhythm and the days will be smoother, but things seem to get more frantic each week!

Not to mention the ever looming possibility of getting voted off. That being said though, I’m still having a beyond amazing time learning new dances, getting to know my cast mates, and creating and performing with Karina!

This week, we’re dancing the quick step. Even though we worked extremely hard on our contemporary and our jive, neither dance required the effort it’s taking to do the quick step. Leading, dancing at an extreme rapid pace and staying in frame the whole time?! What?! If I miss one step in this dance it’s near impossible to pick up on another one and save it.

I definitely was more frustrated this week. I’m very much a perfectionist, and with the clock ticking down to performance day with me still struggling with most of the routine I was beginning to panic. We were at the top of the leaderboard last week and the pressure is on! Luckily my partner (my secret weapon) is a nitpicking Russian drill sergeant who refuses to take anything less from me than my best. I’m still scared as hell of this dance, but I think I’m as ready as I can be to wow the judges.