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PureDWTS Season 17 Week 3 More Media After Dance Night Part 2

Hey All! Just a few more media things to share!! Below is Extra with the cast after the show! Derek comments on Julianne judging next week at the end. Val is asked about Maks judging as well.

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Also, don’t miss the cast being interviewed by Glamour. They ask some of the cast members about the craziest L.A thing they ever done. There are some cool backstage shots at the link too. Thanks to Lori for this gem.

Jack Osbourne: One time, Paris Hilton was in my car and we were running away from paparazzi, and I had my buddy with me from England and he had never been to L.A. before and he arrived an hour earlier, and here we are, with Paris in the car, flying down Sunset Blvd. with all these paparazzi following us, and he’s like, ‘what is happening right now?!’ It was a pretty weird moment!

Corbin Bleu: I have never done this before, and I’ll never do it again, but I was at a club in Vegas, and there was a pool in the middle of the place. We were having a great time, and one of my friends got a little drunk and pushed me in the pool. So I come out of the pool, dripping wet, and the security comes up and says, ‘you have to leave!’ I’m going, ‘but she pushed me in!’ They weren’t having it. I couldn’t even get it out of my mouth, but I actually said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ and he goes, ‘No.’ And the friend that I was with is a well-known actress as well and so I said, ‘well, do you know who she is?’ [Laughs] Needless to say, we ended up leaving. But it made a funny story, and I would never do that again!

Anna Trebunskaya wrote a review on this week’s dances at ABC as well. I was a bit shocked when she said Amber and Derek’s dance could have used more content. Wha?

Valerie Harper: A very cute concept. I was smiling the whole time during this routine. Valerie looked beautiful and Tristan looked slightly kooky. I loved it. I feel that Valerie really had a tough time remembering this week’s routine. There were a lot of hesitations and uncertainties in her movement. I hope she gets back on her groove for the next week and many weeks to come. I love watching her.

Bill Engvall: I love his spirit! I’m so glad that he finished the whole routine and didn’t mess up at all. There was a lot of content that was actually Paso Doble. Bill has to learn the difference between creating a strong line and getting stiff throughout the whole body. He is not the most natural dancer on the show, but he’s working very hard and it shows.

Amber Riley: That was a very entertaining routine! Not a very technical one, but a lot of fun regardless. I love the combination of old school Charleston and some modern booty shaking (crumpling and hip-hop influence). She looks fantastic and sparkles in every routine. Make the next dance with a little more content, and you’ll get a higher score.

Chelsie Hightower wrote on the dances as well at ABC. Here is a bit from her blog.

Christina Milian: Mark and Christina next. Completely entertaining from top to bottom! Loved it! Complete synchronicity through many moments. She can still work on refining some of her moves but in my opinion, it was definitely her best dance so far. (P.S. We have all joked about the risk of painting our faces because if the judges don’t like it, you have to endure a grueling five minutes of ridicule with your face painted making you feel like a real idiot.) So I’m really glad the judges loved it as well for marks sake, sanity, and reputation. 😉 But back to the dance, do I think it deserved a higher score than Derek and Ambers Charleston? I don’t, but it was still great! 9

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Loved Snooki’s intro and I loved the dance! It was a huge improvement from last week. Snooki could work on pressing her shoulders down and as I would say to my partner, “Lock those lats down and throw away the key.” (Back to elementary school and it works every time.) But other than that, she brought great energy and attack. One of these weeks, I want to see her totally immersed in the performance because I know she can show us full on emotion and full on facials. But this dance was very well done. 8.

Bill Nye: Last but not least, “Bill Nye The Science Guy! Bill Bill Bill Bill!” (that tune gets me every time). Aww, Bill. He has all the drive to win, but couldn’t overcome the insurmountable. You gotta give him props for the valiant effort. There isn’t much to critique since he was barely able to move or dance, but I do give him an A+ for effort and his will to succeed. Unfortunately, I have to give him a 6 along with the judges for dancing.

Overall, another wonderful night for dance. Hate to see Bill go cause I know he wanted to be there so much, but it was the right decision especially considering his injury. Until next time!

Lastly, you can also watch Bill and Tyne on The View today at this link.

Shew! What a day and I think that makes this post a wrap! 😉

ETA: Carrie Ann Inaba felt compelled to write on the night at Parade. Below is what she wrote on Brant and Snooki. Lots more at the link as always.

Brant Daugherty: He’s turning out to be a stronger and more natural dancer than any of us had expected. He’s got nice jazz lines, clean—almost Broadway-like in their clarity of form. This is good and punctuates his movements clearly. He is light on his feet and is just as agile as Corbin. He’s a pretty dancer—meaning his pictures are pretty and he’s got an easy musicality. His megawatt smile enhances his performance, as does his incredible chemistry with Peta; his weakness is that sometimes he throws his arms to far. Right now, I’d say his injury is his biggest downfall. Proper placement of his feet in the dances could be problematic in the future.

Snooki: She was the surprise of the night. While her movements can tend to be rigid and stopped short of their full expression, last night, she pulled out an incredible routine and sparkled like never before. Nicole is the wild card, which last night worked for her but may not lend itself to consistency. She is not sure exactly of how to do the movements, but by sheer determination she does them. She has that certain “X” factor that is probably what has given her such incredible stardom in such a short time. There is an undeniable magic to Snooki, but the question remains: can she bring magic every time to her routines? I don’t think it’s a good idea to depend on that. I think she needs to work on finessing and finishing her movements to a nice polish. Then watch out!

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Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

PureDWTS Season 17, Week 3 – Power Rankings

Well apparently I missed the memo that Hollywood night was really “Gatsby Night”, as last night’s show seemed to borrow pretty heavily from the new movie…if Baz Luhrmann was going to be a guest judge this season, last night would have been a good night for him to do it! Overall, almost everyone did well and got a rather generous score from the judges – but the unfortunate downside to that is that we may have seen our first glimpse of the puppet strings from the men upstairs, as there was some suspicious overscoring going on that may or may not have contributed to Bill Nye’s exit.  Granted, I think it was his time to go, due both to his injury and the fact that he wasn’t really progressing at the same rate as his fellow contestants.  But Heidi’s numbers post should be exceptionally interesting this week…

…and once again, my rankings are about as clear as mud 😛 I’m seriously having a hard time determining who is the most likely to get sent packing – I’m getting some “struggling with votes” vibes from a few of the couples, but nothing that screams “This person is going home next week!”; I’ve also got the added complication of anticipating the modus operandi of TPTB, who now have the power to influence the outcome since they know exactly how many points each couple needs to stick around.  A rather scary pall cast over an otherwise lovely season to watch, no? For that reason, I could see anyone in my bottom 5 potentially getting sent home – depending on how things go down next week.

1.) Corbin & Karina – I think Corbin had, by far, the highest level of difficulty in terms of choreography in his routine last night – and for what it’s worth, he actually handled it pretty well.  There seemed to be a few issues with wobbly frame, and I saw a couple “deer in the headlights” looks, but he kept up with the footwork decently well and delivered a great quickstep, reminiscent of the quickstep Karina did with Apolo a year ago.  But, like the quickstep she did with Apolo, this one didn’t seem to get the love it deserved – or rather, the love it did get was overshadowed by some suspicious overscoring of another couple.  It also confirmed a fear of mine that has been brewing since week one: that Corbin seems to thrive more in the Latin dances, and loses a bit of his sparkle in the ballroom dances.  He’s got a lot of room to improve, but last night was the first time I’ve seen him be less than confident on the floor – hopefully he can hit a groove with the next ballroom dance he gets.

2.) Amber & Derek – Judging from some of the comments I’m seeing on the show discussion post, seems like there’s a debate raging over who had more “Charleston content” in their routines last night – Amber or Christina.  To be honest, I don’t think either was bona fide Charleston – first off, there aren’t that many Charleston steps that exist; secondly, Amber’s music dictated that she do something more than just Charleston, and Christina had Mark’s tendency toward the theatric to contend with.  I would say Amber had more Charleston basics, but the overall mood, steps, and theme of Christina’s routine fit the Charleston better.  And at the end of the day, I’ll be honest: I didn’t particularly care for either one.  Amber unfortunately got saddled with a song that was really more hip-hop than Charleston, and with a ridiculously long intro that didn’t allow for much dancing – and the dancing she did do was just ok for me.  She seemed to hit a bit of a wall with the foot action of the Charleston (which isn’t easy – they ended up using a dance double for Tobey Maguire for a few scenes in Gatsby), but I will give her this: ever the showman, she sold the performance well…even if she wasn’t really nailing the steps.  Anyone else find it totally trippy that Len was the one that seemed to gush about this routine – and it was Bruno & Carrie Ann complaining about the content? 😛 Read more..

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PureDWTS Season 17 Week 3 Interviews After Dance Night, Some Dances Revealed

Another fun night on Dancing With The Stars!! Let’s see what the couples had to say about it!!! First up, we have some Access Hollywood interviews. Let’s go straight to the couple eliminated this time…..

Bill Nye tells Shaun Johnson he knew he was in big trouble after last week’s dance. He describes the pain and how they wanted to find a way to still dance. He also comments that he thinks he could have danced another week if he wasn’t eliminated, but, this was probably for the best. He then gets scientific about everything and I’m lost now. 😯

Always so humble, Valerie Harper blames herself for the scores and her difficulties dancing last night. Tristan says everyone has good and bad weeks especially if there is an injury. They have nothing but great thoughts for Bill Nye.

Karina says last night’s Quickstep is the fastest she’s ever done with someone. Corbin says he was more nervous last night since he’s never done a ballroom dance. He didn’t want to mess up any of the moves or his frame.

In this interview, Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood says that she “jumps out of her seat” every time Derek and Amber dance which is exactly what these two to do me every time. Amber said she had so much fun. She loved her song and Read more..

I Written By

Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.