PureDWTS Season 17 Week 3 Interviews After Dance Night, Some Dances Revealed

Another fun night on Dancing With The Stars!! Let’s see what the couples had to say about it!!! First up, we have some Access Hollywood interviews. Let’s go straight to the couple eliminated this time…..

Bill Nye tells Shaun Johnson he knew he was in big trouble after last week’s dance. He describes the pain and how they wanted to find a way to still dance. He also comments that he thinks he could have danced another week if he wasn’t eliminated, but, this was probably for the best. He then gets scientific about everything and I’m lost now. 😯

Always so humble, Valerie Harper blames herself for the scores and her difficulties dancing last night. Tristan says everyone has good and bad weeks especially if there is an injury. They have nothing but great thoughts for Bill Nye.

Karina says last night’s Quickstep is the fastest she’s ever done with someone. Corbin says he was more nervous last night since he’s never done a ballroom dance. He didn’t want to mess up any of the moves or his frame.

In this interview, Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood says that she “jumps out of her seat” every time Derek and Amber dance which is exactly what these two to do me every time. Amber said she had so much fun. She loved her song and her costume and she just had to go for it! They also have great things to say about Bill Nye. Be sure to see Pure Derek Hough for lots more with these two. Note that these two have a TANGO next week.

Brant and Peta! Brant talks of his injury. It hurt and it was stressful, but quitting wasn’t an option. Also, Brant talked of how he was robbed at gun point this past week. Crazy!! He’s so lucky he’s ok.

Afterbuzz also has some new interviews….

Corbin doesn’t remember the dance last night, but, then Karina reminds him. It was difficult, but he can’t wait to improve in the coming weeks. Bill and Emma pop in. Bill loves the friendships he’s made on the show. Everyone is so supportive of each other. Note that Bill and Emma have a Samba next week. Karina and Corbin have the Paso Doble.

Despite how hard learning the Fox Trot was for Elizabeth this past week, she loved their performance last night and how it turned out. They have the Argentine Tango next. Val loves this dance and can’t wait to do it with Elizabeth since it’s dramatic and sexy.

Valerie said this week was interesting. She messed up, but, plugged through. She’s happy though and can’t wait to dance with Tristan again.

Sasha explains how he was inspired to choreograph their dance he and Snooki’s dance last night. Snooki loved the era. Next week, they have a Jive and she hopes to step it up!

Mark and Christina talk of the being part of the bottom three last night and how hard it was, but, Mark is loving Christina’s progress. Even with the band messing up during their dance, Christina didn’t let it bother her. They are dancing a Fox Trot next week.

Stay tuned to Afterbuzz and Access Hollywood. They may post more interviews later. On The Red Carpet may be posting some new interviews later as well.

ETA: Be sure to see Entertainment Weekly. They have some new interviews with the couples as well.

Here’s some new interviews with Entertainment Tonight….

E News also recapped the night and interviewed a few of the couples. They had some special things to say on Bill Nye…

Many of Nye’s DWTS co-stars expressed their sadness upon seeing that America’s beloved science teacher will not be returning to the competition next week. Elizabeth Berkley admires Nye’s “incredible attitude,” while Glee star Amber Riley revealed that she was proud that “he didn’t give up” despite his injury.

Jack Osbourne tells us, “Bill is a trooper, I mean that guy came out and he performed to the best of his ability and he did a great job. It was entertaining and it was fun and it was sad to see him go. I’m proud to say that on more than a few occasions I’ve had some science conversations with Bill. We talked about all sorts of aerospace stuff, it was great.”

While Osbourne and some of the other cast members bonded with Nye over a love of science, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tells us that she was simply focused on figuring out what he was saying! “He definitely uses big words and sometimes I have no idea what he is saying but he’s a great guy,” the former Jersey Shore star says.

PopCandies caught up with some of the cast of the show….

Also, below is Bill and Tyne on GMA!! Thanks to @DWTSgossip for the find.