Cheryl Burke, Tony Dovolani, And Amber Riley Write On DWTS, Their Partners, And More

Just a few more blogs to share!!! First, Cheryl Burke wrote about she and Jack Osbourne at Life And Style Magazine. Below is a take which talks about how difficult the Cha Cha was for Jack last week. Even so, he holds his own and she forgets sometimes that he has Multiple Sclerosis.

I’ve got to be honest — the Cha Cha was a really difficult dance for Jack. He was really uncomfortable with the hip action. That dance has been the most challenging yet. Though it was a bit of a struggle, I just try to have Jack’s strengths shine as much as possible. He’s very good at retaining information. I try to make the choreography a bit more challenging, so that he’s constantly dancing with me and I’m not overshadowing or dancing around him.

He’s being doing a great job at holding his own since we started. If I have any advice to still give Jack, it’s to stretch because of all the splits I’ve been putting into our routines. I don’t want him to get injured. I just tell him to be open and communicate with me because I sometimes forget he has Multiple Sclerosis. He was just diagnosed a year ago. He doesn’t take himself seriously, so it’s hard to know if he’s really injured or just joking.

I forget he has Multiple Sclerosis too. He guns it every week and he’s got such a great sense of humor.

Also, Tony Dovolani wrote about Leah Remini and Monday night’s dance. He says they are both learning so much from each other and Leah’s is conquering her fears. Here is take from In Touch Weekly.

In a sense Leah has conquered some of her fears in that she knows what the show is all about. She now understands what fear does to her. After the first couple of shows she watched her dances back, which I had to make her do because she hates watching herself, and she said, “Tony, I can see that I’m afraid I want to stop that.” But now she wants to show everyone she’s not afraid anymore.

Leah’s told me this week her least favorite and most favorite thing about the show is Monday. She loves the performance, but dreads the elimination. But we thought Monday went really quickly and was really good.

The best thing is we’re learning from each other. She’s learned how positive I am in life and often asks “How do I stay so positive?”’

I just tell her to try and find the fun in it. She’s taught me to never stop believing in yourself and never doubt your talent and hard work – if you do that you will always persevere.

My boss and I were just talking on this yesterday for how much Tony is helping Leah to be more positive.

Lastly, Amber Riley wrote about how she’s living every aspect of her dream by singing, doing Glee, and dancing on Dancing With The Stars. These are all things that make her happy. She describes what she went through in getting ready for the Charleston including how they came up with her costume, etc. Speaking of….below is a picture Dancing With The Stars Make-Up posted at Facebook of she, Sharna, Lindsay, and Christina. Beautiful!! Amber also talks of how she hopes to conquer her and improve on her footwork for she and Derek’s next dance the Tango. You can read all about it and more at Pure Derek Hough.