PureDWTS Season 17 Questionnaire And Poll As We Approach Week 4 (Answer, VOTE)

Hey All! Time for a little PureDWTS Questionnaire and Poll in getting your feel on Dancing With The Stars Season 17 as we approach the 4th week. You know the routine. Answer to the best of your ability and no campaigning type comments allowed. Ready?

1. At this time, who are your Top Three favorite couples on Dancing With The Stars Season 17? Try to name ONLY three!

2. Who do you feel is a “Dark Horse” at this time?

3. Who is your sentimental favorite?

4. From 1 to 5 (5 being the best), how would you rate the new format of Dancing With The Stars (having only one show a week and an elimination, not as many musical guests, etc)? Do you wish they’d go back to having two shows a week?

5. Lastly, and at this time, who do you think is going to win Dancing With The Stars Season 17?