Dancing With The Stars Bill Engvall “Throwing It All Out There”

Bill Engvall tells XFinity that he’s got nothing to lose and he wants to be the first comedian to win Dancing With The Stars. Below is such a cute and fun passage explaining his dance with Emma last week. I also love how he said something came over him and he just wanted to “throw it all out there”.

If you knew what our week was like,” he sighed. “I couldn’t get it all week and Emma kept saying, ‘It’s just a dance. Just do it.’

“And we had our dress rehearsal and when I went to spin her, I didn’t do it right and I thought she hit her head on the floor and I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is not good.’

“She probably has breast cancer because I [accidentally] slapped her right in the boob. Really hard, and I was like, this could not go any worse!

“And then, we got backstage and she always gets this twinkle in her eye and she says, ‘Let’s just do this. Leave nothing on the floor.’”

Engvall started the dance by walking through a prop saloon door. “I knew when I came through the saloon doors that I had it. Something came over me and I went, ‘I’m going to throw it all out there and if it sucks, it sucks but if it’s good, it’s going to be stellar’ and I was so proud of it.”

The funnyman said during his TV rehearsal footage that he actually wanted to win “DWTS.”

When asked why, he told xfinityTV, “because no comedian’s ever won it, nobody thought I would get past the first elimination, and we made it past the second elimination, so I figure, screw it. What do I got to lose?”

Go for it Bill and Emma! Do the same this coming Monday night!