DWTS Season 17, Week 4 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

Well, I was rather underwhelmed by the first half of the show. Didn’t care for Val and Elizabeth and I’m not sure why. Didn’t like Brant – too weak. Loved Snookie, Loved Amber, Loved Bill. I would say those are my top three and two of them were either sick or hurt. Has anyone noticed that Derek’s partners seem to do even better when under more pressure?

Anyway, they called Bill safe immediately after his dance which tells me he’s gotten over the hump and is getting the votes now. But it only gets harder and he can’t afford low scores from here on out. Then, the last three standing were:

Snookie and Sasha
Brant and Peta
Valerie and Tristan

Snookie was called safe first, then Valerie and Tristan were eliminated. Sad, but she had a good run.

So, thoughts? How did Julianne do? Do you suppose Mark is still feeling the BURRRNNNNN? Poor guy. I felt bad for him but I couldn’t argue with anything she was saying. 🙂