Snooki Writes Of Dancing With The Stars Rehearsals For The Jive And More

Snooki writes at People that she’s had a hard time this week rehearsing being she had a fever and has felt run down. She’s definitely nervous for tonight too, but, says it will be a blast. Below is more. I love the last sentence. I wish for that too.

Even though we practiced every day, they weren’t the best rehearsals and I’m definitely nervous for the show Monday. I hate being sick, especially because my schedule is so busy, but I love being busy. I just need my body to love it also.

Our dance is bringing back memories from high school and we are incorporating some of my cheerleading skills! Even though the week was a drag for me, I know Monday night is going to be a blast either way, sick or not I will do my best and can’t wait to show you guys our dance!

Also another couple is going to be eliminated and I hate this part. Can’t everyone just stay and we all dance together?!

More at People.

ETA: Access Hollywood interviewed Snooki and Sasha in rehearsals. She talks of being in much better shape now and is eating better. Below is a take, but, be watching this link too as they may have some video footage coming up shortly.

“I was really fat,” the MTV star told Access during a recent rehearsal with pro partner Sasha Farber. “And, I’m so small! It’s like where was it?”

The pint-size star explained that she’s actually gained some weight since she began competing on the ABC reality series.

“I’m gaining more weight now, because I know that I’m training a lot, so I’m eating a lot more ‘cause I feel like I have to or I’m gonna faint!” she said.

But the star’s “DWTS” diet is very health conscious – most of the time.