PureDWTS Season 17 Week 4 Media After The Dance, Some Dances Revealed For Next Week

Where oh where to start with media For Dancing With The Stars today? Let’s start out with some Access Hollywood interviews. From listening to what they have up so far, next week Dancing With The Stars will have a “Most Memorable Year” theme. Corbin and Karina have a Fox Trot.

Access Hollywood may be posting more interviews soon. So, be watching this link.

And below is some of the cast with Afterbuzz. In these interviews, we find out Jack and Cheryl have the Slow Waltz, Peta and Brant have the Contemporary dance, Sasha and Snooki have the Jazz, and Derek and Amber have a Fox Trot.

Hopefully, more interviews are coming up soon at Afterbuzz. Be watching On The Red Carpet as they should have some new interviews posted soon too.

Also, for more with Derek and Amber, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough.

If you go to Entertainment Weekly, you can also watch a new interview with Mark and Christina. Below they talk of Julianne and how she judged them.

‘She put a little sting on me, but that’s okay,” Mark said. “That’s how she felt. It is what it is.”

His partner Christina Milian jumped in to clarify: “We take the high road. As long as we know that we did a fantastic job, that makes me happy.”

More coming Up! Stay tuned! xx 😉

ETA: Anna Trebunskaya weighed in on the night at ABC. Below are her thoughts on Cirbin, Snooki, and Christina. Lot’s more at the link on the rest.

Corbin Bleu: This was a very intricate and musical performance from Corbin. He’s definitely one of the better dancers this season and Karina feels confident in giving him a much higher level of technique and choreography. I really loved all the pictures they went for and the traditional Paso Doble was a smart choice. It’s good for us to see that Corbin can do pretty much anything (nobody doubted that). Corbin gets the favorite-choreography-of-the-night award. I also feel that because he so wanted to do this routine justice, he was tense and stressed a bit. Now, I know a Paso Doble is an intense dance and very passionate, but I can nitpick on Corbin because he can deliver. Find the fluidity and a continuation of the music through the upper body. As you build a line, don’t stiffen your body, but extend. Keep the feeling flowing through your muscles and bones.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: That was her best dance so far! She was in her element. Blending Jive with cheerleading was awesome! I’m so happy to see Nicole growing as a performer each week. She had great leg action and athleticism. Work on extending your arms, and finishing the lines, even with fast tempo music. She’s connecting to the character of the dance and to the audience. Maybe she’s a little bit intimidated by Sasha (I know that sounds weird, but it’s the whole teacher-student dynamic) because she doesn’t really connect to him. That would be another area of improvement.

Christina Milian: Very sexy, cool and jazzy dance. Foxtrot? Not so much. There were maybe two or three recognizable Foxtrot patterns (I bet Len would have pointed it out). I get it. Christina is so fabulous in her own element that you almost don’t want to mess it up, and Foxtrot technique is one of the more intricate and challenging. But I really feel she can do it. She has all the right tools. I would have loved to see it exploited more. Overall, it was a great concept with a little bit of Chicago and Jessica Rabbit. This could be a dance from a movie or a music video. I thought it was a bit underscored from the judges. It was the best performance overall of the night.

And this is Tom doing the splits yesterday on the Queen Latifah show. He’s a hoot….

ETA2: If you go to Entertainment Weekly, they now have video posted where the couples weigh in on the night and the elimination.

ETA3: The On The Red Carpet interviews are starting to roll in. Be sure you see them at this link. Below is Leah and Tony…

Also, US Weekly caught up with Mark Ballas to ask him about what he thought of Julianne’s critique last night. Here is a take from the link….

“The one comment for me that was a little funny is that I make it all about me… all the critiques were at me, and not at [Milian]. So I thought that was a little hypocritical comment,” he told Us. “I think [Hough] was very insightful tonight though and gave great tips on lines and how to express. We’ve had a lot of guest judges and I thought out of all of them she was one of the best. So that part, I love. I was the one who kind of got the heat, but you know what, that’s OK! It’s fine.”

This isn’t the first time there have been rumors of a possible feud between the former childhood friends. Hough and Ballas’s relationship goes back to the ’90s when Julianne and her brother Derek Hough (currently a DWTS dance pro) moved to London to train with Ballas’s famous parents (dance champions Shirley and Corky Ballas).

Hough and Ballas paired up for the Junior Olympics and both won medals for ballroom dancing. But when Hough claimed she was “mentally and physically abused” while training in London, rumors swirled that she was pointing her finger at the Ballas family.

Also, Chelsie Hightower has written a new blog at ABC. Below is a little from her review on the night….

The ‘Dancing’ Fast Five:
Favorite Performances of the Night: Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
Favorite Choreography of the Night: Mark Ballas and Christina Milan
Most Technically-Perfect: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff
Biggest Surprise of the Night: Cheryl Burke saying her mood was because of PMS and Brant Daughtery’s chest gyrations
Best Costume: Emma Slater’s Samba Outfit

ETA4: And here is the cast with Extra. Val is asked on the fire at his apartment and who Maks is dating. Derek pleads the 5th when he’s about who he is dating too. At the end, Henry of PopTVDotCom interviews Tom and Tristan about Valerie.

ETA5: Carrie Ann also blogged on the dances as well at Parade. She has special words for Valerie. Note what she says about another guest judge in the coming weeks. Thanks to Maria for sending.

And I will end my blog today with Valerie Harper, who was eliminated last night. I cried. Julianne cried. She is just what we all hope to be when we are faced with our own adversity. It can only be my hope to be half as graceful and as effervescent as Valerie Harper under such circumstances. I believe she has shown us how to live gracefully with vitality and wonder. No one talks about that topic, but we should and Valerie made sure of it. My father passed away three days before the start of last season and it was a very challenging time. I watched him as he struggled with his health as he neared the end and felt his fear as the word “death” became a possibility. I watched the confusion, the turmoil, and the mixture of emotions flood through him as he faced his own end of life and I wish he could have been alive to watch this season with Valerie Harper’s brave performances. I think it would have given him great comfort to see her. I know she wanted to make an impression, to help others who were also facing the ends of their own lives. And I believe without a doubt that she has inspired many people to live their lives to the fullest, even if time may be running short. But I also believe that Valerie’s courage and example spoke to all of us, both young and old and as the song she danced to stated so clearly, to “Carry On” and live each moment to the fullest. We will miss you on the dance floor Valerie, but you are not someone we will ever forget.

And that was week four in a nutshell. Stay tuned for next week. Who knows what is going to happen? We will be having another guest judge in the upcoming weeks and while I just found out who it might be, I can’t tell you yet … so stay tuned. I think it’s going to be fun!

The couples were also interviewed by People. You can watch a video and read an article at this link.