Valerie Harper And Tristan MacManus Media After The DWTS17 Week 4’s Elimination

And so we say so long to Valerie Harper on Dancing With The Stars, but, not without a dry eye in the house or “HOPE”!! She not only had a special message to send to us all to dance no matter what happens to us in life and to “keep on keeping on”, she truly reminded me of the all the “good” in the world and at just the right time in a world full of craziness and violence. I feel like we were all so blessed this season to have her on the show in more ways than one. I’ll always remember Valerie as this “Dancing Angel”!! Thank you Valerie and thank you too, Tristan, our lucky charm!!

So, here are their interviews after last night’s dance and elimination. Stay tuned. We’ll post more as they roll in!

Here is some coverage from E News….

After two week of low scores, Valerie Harper and her partner Tristan MacManus were named the third couple to be eliminated from the reality competition. Although it was sad to see Harper go, the Mary Tyler Moore actress exclusively tells us that this departure is “a blessing in disguise.”

Harper explains, “I’m sad to leave the group and the people, and the fun, the interactions and the challenges, but my knees are in bad shape. Not terrible, not that I need surgery, but they need a rest. These knees are 74-year-old and they are barking.” We wish you and your knees all the best Valerie!

ETA: Below is Cameron Mathison with Valerie and Tristan after the show last night.

Here is George Pennacchio with this beautiful couple….

Below they are interviewed by Afterbuzz…

ETA2: Below is more with George of On The Red Carpet;