Val Chmerkovskiy Writes About His Apartment Building Fire, Plugs Maks Again To Guest Judge On DWTS

Val Chmerkovskiy blogs about the fire at his apartment building Sunday night at Today. He writes that there was an electrical malfunction downstairs and something exploded. It combusted and the back end of the building caught on fire. There was smoke damage, but all of his ownings in the apartment are ok. More below on the fire and his dancing with Elizabeth Berkley this week. He also plugs his brother Maks again as a guest judge for Dancing With The Stars (he sure wants this to happen in the worse way, doesn’t he?).

Honestly, I don’t think that there’s anything in my apartment in terms of material stuff that I would have cared about if it had been lost. I’m actually already back in the apartment. They investigated what happened. They cleaned up all day so I could go back home after the show on Monday night. The fire didn’t really affect my performance. I wouldn’t let it. Dancing is my escape from everything else. It’s why I do what I do. I love dancing. It takes me to a different place. Nothing bothers my performance.

I loved incorporating the violin into our Argentine tango. I’m very proud of Elizabeth. She did a great job considering how much stress I put her under this week. I hope it was worth it to her.

My bigger goal when I’m on the show is making sure my relationship with my dance partner is a positive one. Last season, it wasn’t about my eyebrow (after I was accidentally hit there), it was about Zendaya’s performance. This year, it’s not about my apartment building catching on fire. It’s about Elizabeth’s performance.

I thought Julianne Hough did a great job as a guest judge. As I said in my last blog, I think my brother (Maks Chmerkovskiy) would be a great judge too. He’s a professional through and through. He’s an incredible person and is very passionate about his craft. He’d never let any sort of outside relationships or history get in the way of his integrity. He has no agendas against anyone here. My brother’s one of the nicest dudes you’re ever going to meet.

You can read the full blog in full at Today. Below is some E News coverage of the fire at Val’s apartment building as well….