Julianne Hough Addresses Feud With DWTS Mark Ballas At “Paradise” Press Event

Us Weekly caught up with Julianne Hough at a press event for her new movie “Paradise”. They asked her about the critique she gave Mark Ballas and Christina Milian. She stands by her comments. Below is more.

Hough stands by her comments, saying she didn’t intend to offend Ballas or anyone else.

“I loved being on the show again and being a judge because I feel like that’s where it all started for me and it’s where I’m really comfortable being able to talk and critique,” she told Us. “I judge the same way I teach so it all comes from love. It’s not to diss anybody. It’s not to hurt anybody’s feelings. It’s about constructive criticism so that they can get better for next week and that was not a direct attack to anybody.”

Despite Ballas calling Hough’s comments “hypocritical” and a source telling Us that he was “furious” with the critique, Hough revealed that they went out to dinner that same night.

“I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about it,” she continued.

I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal either, but, I’m glad she’s standing by her comments. She did nothing more wrong than Len Goodman and the rest of the judges do all the time.