DWTS Season 17 Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 5

It’s that time again!! The new Las Vegas Odds have been posted for Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 5 at Sports Bovada!! Take a look below and let us know what you think….

Corbin Bleu 3/2
Amber Riley 7/2
Elizabeth Berkley 7/2
Christina Milan 8/1
Jack Osbourne 14/1
Snooki 14/1
Brant Daugherty 18/1
Leah Remini 18/1
Bill Engvall 100/1

Below are last week’s odds:

Corbin Bleu 7/4
Amber Riley 5/2
Christina Milan 6/1
Elizabeth Berkley 6/1
Snooki 10/1
Brant Daugherty 12/1
Jack Osbourne 12/1
Leah Remini 16/1
Valerie Harper 66/1
Bill Engvall 100/1

My thoughts: This time the odds are looking a little more realistic to me. Though it pains me to see Bill Engvall in last again. I think he should be tied with Jack and Snooki instead. Leah should be LAST!!! As for the rest, I’m agreeing with their top five. I also think it’s so cool how Snooki has really started to make a mark now and she’s turned out to be so likable.

Let’s see what Heidi and Court think….

Courtney: They’re still really effin’ skeptical about Bill, aren’t they? Granted, I may have a bit of a bias, because I love the guy, but still – rewatching Monday night’s show, I daresay Bill won the evening…both with his performance and his reaction to being called safe.  Bill was getting a LOT of love.  On the flipside, Brant really did not have a good evening – he kinda got hosed by the judges, and then was one of the last ones standing during the elim…for the second week in a row.  I would also argue, just based on some of the chatter here at Pure, that Christina may be in greater danger than the oddsmakers think, just based on the fact that she seems to rub many of us the wrong way – and that she doesn’t really seem to be the apple of the judges’ eyes the same way that Amber, Corbin, & Elizabeth are.  Jack may also be in some danger as well, as he seems to be fading into the woodwork these past few weeks.  Leah? As much as it pains me to say it (because I think she’s beyond snotty), I think Leah should actually be higher – the judges seem to be drinking the Leah Kool-Aid, and people actually seem to be voting for her in decent numbers.  I think the top 3 are pretty much on-point – especially if Elizabeth continues to get shielded by the judges with some dubiously high scores.

Heidi: With Valerie gone, the judges may change their tune and start scoring everyone harder – including Leah, I hope, since I think she’s been propped a good bit. I tend to think that Bill isn’t out of the woods just yet, but I do think that he should be up with Brant and Leah at 18/1 – everything depends so heavily on the judges, who make up 50% of the result.  At 14/1  Jack and Snooki are about right (although I hope Snooki continues to rise). Then there’s the top three – I think that’s about right also. The only other thing I see as possibly wrong is Christina.  Her journey seems too familiar to me and I think she might be in trouble either this week or next, depending on the whims of the judges.  Of course, I think Elizabeth could be in trouble with one bad dance also – as much as she seems like a very nice woman, that package last week and some other things she’s done might be a bit too weird for the casual viewer.