An Update On Dancing With The Stars Anna Trebunskaya’s Pregnancy And More


As always, it’s good to hear from Dancing With The Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya. She gives an update on her pregnancy. She may not be dancing on Dancing With The Stars because of her condition this season, but, she’s still very much out there….and working for good causes too such as Breast Cancer Awareness month. On Friday, Anna danced with breast cancer survivors and patients from the Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles for a “Bust A Move” event. Anna commented, “I think dancing is a great way to have fun, let loose and forget about your problems or sicknesses. Sometimes that’s all it takes — an hour of positive energy, having fun, music and socializing with friends.” Below is a report on her pregnancy. I love how she wants her baby to have a Russian name and an America name….

“It was not planned. It was kind of spontaneous — like everything in life. Everything happens for a reason and when that happened I was like, ‘This actually is great. This is perfect. I’m ready,’” she shares. “For the longest time I wasn’t ready, but once the decision was made, I was totally going for it.”

The Dancing with the Stars pro says although she has maintained a balanced diet throughout her pregnancy, she has also been totally indulging in sweets.

“I really loved pickles and olives during my first trimester. Now I switched to more desserts. My go-to dessert is coconut ice cream vanilla flavor,” Trebunskaya says.

As for the name? “I would love to have a Russian first name and an American-European middle name or vice-versa. This baby is going to be surrounded by my Russian culture, but I want my child to have an option,” she explains. “The baby can have a conventional name that is more appropriate in America and have a full-on Russian name.”

The expectant dancer might have an idea for her baby’s moniker, but for now, she is keeping the sex a surprise — even from herself. “I haven’t made a decision if I want to know yet, but I could find out at this point,” says Trebunskaya. “It’s a bit of a pain for my friends and my family, but I’m like, ‘No, let me get the baby gear first.’”

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Picture above is of when Anna attended the HBO Luxury Lounge promoting Motorola and PANDORA Jewelry in honor of The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. You can view more pics Zimbio Pictures. She’s so pretty!