DWTS Cheryl Burke Interviewed About Jack Osbourne, Their Waltz, The New Pros, And More

Awww, “Mondays” aren’t quite so bad when it’s dance time!! And for starters today, TV Guide has published a new Dancing With The Stars interview with Cheryl Burke. She talks all about partner Jack Osbourne, the judging last week, the new pros, and more. Below is a take for what Jack and Cheryl have been working on this week for their Waltz, if she thinks Jack can get a perfect score, and how he has surprised her the most so far.

What are you guys working on for this week?
Burke: We’re doing a slow waltz. So far it’s going great. It’s definitely more of an emotional dance. That’s what we’re working through. We’re just trying to get more of the emotional side without bursting out laughing. … I just want people to see… that there is a real, vulnerable person deep down inside, even though it’s hard for Jack to show that. … There’s a lot of dances we’ve done that have been great, and each number tells a story. But this number for sure is more authentic. And it’s definitely one of his best.

Do you think you and Jack could get a perfect score this season?
Burke: I don’t know. We’re just trying to maybe get a 9 soon. We’ve been getting 8s a lot, so it’d be nice to actually bump it up. … It’s not so much about the numbers of the scores, it’s about the quality of his dancing and making sure that he improves.

Which celebrity has been the most surprising to you?
Burke: Honestly, Jack. Not to be biased, but Jack has been an amazing shock to me. I had no expectations with him whatsoever, and he’s really proved to people that he is trying hard and he can actually dance.

I like Jack and this partnership much like I loved Cheryl and Rob Kardashian. I hope they have a great dance tonight!