PureDWTS Season 17 Week 5 Media After The Dance, Some New Dances Revealed

What another great night of TV on Dancing With The Stars! My cat Saku and I were glued to our seats again! Let’s see what the couples had to say about it. First up, here are some Access Hollywood interviews….

Christina Milian tells Shawn Johnson she was shocked on her and Mark’s elimination. She was in her skin last night and just getting started….

Corbin and Karina were shocked on the elimination. Corbin said it’s a lesson learned to “enjoy every single moment and never take it for granted”. It’s about continuing to push yourself. These two are really excited about their dance next week. Karina said they have “an epic song”.

Elizabeth and Val were also shocked on the elimination. They felt bad for Christina, but, Elizabeth was glad Christina had a chance to tell her story and it was a powerful one. Val talks of what the Dancing With The Stars experience is all about and what he works for and tries to do for his partner.

Derek and Amber talk of how no one is safe after the surprise elimination last night. They also discussed the “7” from Len and how Derek prepared Amber for what Len would give them. They knew they weren’t in “hold” enough, but, Amber wanted to do the dance her way to tell her story.

Be watching Access Hollywood. They may post more interviews soon. Pure Derek Hough also has more with Derek and Amber.

The couples also talked with Afterbuzz. We find out a few of the new dances for next week. Peta and Brant have the International Tango. Cheryl and Jack have the Paso Doble. Bill and Emma have a Tango! Val and Elizabeth have a Cha Cha!

I love the Afterbuzz interviews, do you? Let’s hope more interviews are coming at this link.

E Online also talked with Mark and Christina after their elimination. Note how Christina is disappointed in America’s lack of participation. The votes are something that really needs to be worked on. Hmmm, really Christina? I think America did just fine participating.

We caught up with Milian following tonight’s elimination shocker and the dancer revealed that she is just as shocked by the elimination as viewers were. “Honestly I didn’t think it was going to be me. I thought that because we had such a great performance tonight that the score it was really going to help us out but you know how it is.”

Milian explains that she is disappointed in America’s lack of participation. The Voice correspondent says, “The votes are something that really needs to be worked on on this show. People think that someone is okay after they watch the show but they’re not okay. You have to vote! You have to help keep them on the show.”

Stay tuned. More coming and thanks always for reading!!xx

ETA: Here is Mark and Christina on Good Morning America this morning….

ETA2: If you go to Entertainment Weekly , you can watch the cast talking about their own Saved by the Bell memories.

ETA3: Anna Trebunskaya weighed in on last night’s dances at Good Morning America. Here is a take from the link. Note how she is the most worried for Brant and Bill being eliminated next.

Brant Daugherty: A very heartfelt routine from Brant. This was a very successful performance from him. Last week I was worried for him with the salsa, but this week the stars were in his favor. The contemporary style just suits him. He has a great physique, lost of passion and emotion and never-ending commitment. All of these are the right ingredients for the style. There was so much passion and angst in this dance that I felt chills while watching it on my couch. I can only imagine what the audience experienced live. I give this guy the favorite choreography of the night. Congratulations on a beautiful night, Brant. Thank you for sharing your heart with us through the dance.

Amber Riley: A wonderfully enthusiastic Foxtrot from Amber. I would agree with Len that a bit more Foxtrot content would have been nice. But it was a firework of jazz and Broadway and some soul, with Foxtrot somewhere in it. I loved the routine and I see how the music and the feel of the song would dictate the direction of the choreography. Amber is a phenomenal performer and I applaud her commitment. I also feel that she could be pushed technically a tad bit more. I was so impressed with her technical ability in last week’s Tango that I want to see that level every week now. A girl can dream, right?

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren: That was a really strong nonstop Jive. You don’t need any Jive pills, Elizabeth, though I loved the whole scene in the beginning. Elizabeth has shown to be a very steady and consistent performer from week to week. I agree with Len that it’s harder for tall people to do a sharp Jive because it’s just harder to coordinate long limbs. I felt she stayed on time and had fast footwork and kicks. She really is one of the stronger technical dancers on the show and I’m glad that we get to see more of her emotion and feeling bit by bit. Keep it coming.

It’s really hard to say who is the most likely to be eliminated next week. I’m still worried about Brant and also about Bill, but they are both still in the game so another week will show.