PureDWTS17 Week 5 Media After The Dance Part 2, More Dances Revealed

Just a few more interviews to share!! In our first media posting today, we found out that Peta and Brant have the International Tango, Cheryl and Jack have the Paso Doble, Bill and Emma have a Tango, and Val and Elizabeth have a Cha Cha! After listening to the On The Red carpet interviews below, we now find out Karina and Corbin have a Viennese Waltz and Leah and Tony have a Quickstep. More below with the cast and their reactions after they danced….

Pure Derek Hough has more coverage with Amber and Derek. Note how they have a Samba next week. Pure Derek Hough also has some video coverage posted of Derek warming up with the cast behind the scenes thanks to Gleb Savchenko.

Also, here is some coverage with Tristan MacManus interviewing the cast for Extra. And hey, he does a good job too!!

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Judge Carrie Anne Inaba also wrote on the night at parade.com. She had some powerful words to share on those who take on Dancing With The Stars in this snippet….

First of all, let’s start with Christina Milian and Mark Ballas being eliminated! What??? That was a shocker in the ballroom. Almost a panic at the disco! My jaw practically dropped to the floor when Tom called out their names as the eliminated couple. I was really proud of Mark for doing such a “classic” Cha Cha for Christina and was truly impressed with her performance. She came out tonight and got the first 10 of the season from Len (who just returned from his week off in London). She really had an extra special sparkle tonight in her performance. There was a very high level of attention to the details of the Cha Cha style, and I loved her solo and pretty much everything about the whole performance. I have nothing but respect for the way she handled a difficult moment. She handled the elimination with grace and eloquence, and for that reason, I know she will be okay. Sure, DWTS is a fun television show, but these contestants have real feelings and are vulnerable. And when things like this happen (huge shocking eliminations), I worry about the performers and how it will affect them. As I’ve said before, I give so much credit to anyone who dares to step onto the ballroom dance floor in our competition because it really can be an emotionally challenging journey. No matter how strong you are, this show can pull at the core of your being. DWTS is not for the faint at heart. You must be strong. You must be brave. And maybe just crazy enough to face your biggest fears in front of millions of people.

If you’d like to watch Mark and Christina on The View today, see this link.

Lastly, don’t miss heading over to Glamour as they asked the cast some fun questions about Dancing With The Stars “behind the scenes”.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, what are your nerves like before the show?

Snooki: I’d say usually a 10 in the beginning, but tonight a 5. I don’t get nervous, I get more excited to do it.

Mark Ballas: Before the show I’m not nervous. But when they announce your name as you’re about to dance, that’s when I get nervous in the pit of my stomach. For those five seconds, I’m probably like 8’s and 10’s. We work for hours to do this, and you have one shot to get it right.

Q: Who decides what order you dance in the show?

Derek Hough: We have no idea. We find out on Sundays. We do camera blocking and do a run-through with all the cameras, and that’s when we find out.

Q: What are your pre-show rituals?

Jack Osbourne: Nothing that I can publicly say! It’s a lot of foul language, and a lot of sweating.

Cheryl Burke: And then we’re like, whatever, good luck!

Jack Osbourne: Yeah, then 10 minutes before, it’s like, ‘OK, whatever’s going to happen will happen. Just roll with it.

Corbin Bleu: We always say a prayer.

Karina Smirnoff: We ask God to keep us safe, and thank us for the opportunity. I am on cloud nine.

ETA: Also, Chelsie Hightower has written a review of the dances. You can read her blog in full at ABC. Below are her thoughts on the elimination….

The Elimination: This week’s elimination was shocking to say the least. But it once again proves that this show is not only about the dancing, but also about the journey, the personality, the chemistry, the fan base and the list goes on and on. Although we will never know which one of these Christina lacked, I’d guess it came down to her fanbase. (Or did Julianne’s comment last week play into it?) Either way, Christina you will be missed. It’s sad to see such a great dancer go!

ETA2: If you visit CNN, you can also see them interviewing some of the cast about their dances last night.

E Online interviewed Peta and Brant. Note how Peta might be choreographing Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s wedding dance coming up.

E! News caught up with Dancing With the Stars’ Peta Murgatroyd following Monday night’s episode and asked her whether she’s going to be choreographing the former Bachelor’s big dance with Catherine Giudici at their live TV wedding next January.

And if you ask Peta, she’s all for helping her old partner.

“As of now, yes,” the pro-hoofer said. “I hope that will remain because I would love to do that with them. They’re such a beautiful couple. I’m so happy for them.”