DWTS Season 17, Week 5 – The Phone Flaps!!

OMG so much complaining about phone issues this week.  One actual significant one….and one that is about people being pissed of cuz they were outed as being stupid. 😀

Phone Flap #1 – The wrong phone numbers posted at the end of the show. This one is actually pretty significant to people who are casual watchers and, therefore, potentially unaware that those numbers were WRONG.  See the photo, below:

Wrong phone numbers

Heidi: Gee, you’d think that people who WORK ON THIS SHOW would know that the phone number to vote for a couple stays the same over the course of the season. But some yahoo in production made the list match the actual dance order of monday night. :::rolls eyes::: Lawd have mercy. Christina and Jack’s numbers are the only two out of the nine that are actually correct and that was just dumb ass luck. I have a feeling we’ll get an announcement at the beginning of next week’s show that the east coast phone votes are going to be tossed, and that’s a damn good thing. Much like last season, if you throw them ALL out, then no one gets an advantage or disadvantage.

Courtney: You had ONE JOB, Muppet in the control booth – ONE JOB.  And the fact that you screwed it up unfortunately doesn’t bode well for really anyone.  While they will likely decide to throw out all of the east coast phone votes, I have to wonder if someone like Snooki (who hails from New York) might get cheated out of some needed phone votes as a result…I think it’s entirely possible that the biggest chunk of her phone votes probably came from the east coast.  And this is basically a reverse of what happened at the end of last season, when they threw out the online votes – while throwing out the online votes and keeping the phone ones served to level the playing field a bit (since it basically limited the number of votes an individual could cast), I think throwing out some of the phone votes and keeping the online ones gives a little bit more influence to the power voters, who could sway the outcome a bit more.  I don’t think there’s any resolution to it, unfortunately – but it makes me slap my forehead and go “D’oh!” and hope that this snafu doesn’t cause some unexpected elimination catastrophe 🙁

Heidi: Excellent points, all, Court.

Phone flap number 2 – Chris Colfer tweeting Amber’s phone number, saying it was his cell. Frankly, if you didn’t see this one for the joke it so clearly is, you’re an idiot. 😀

Heidi: But yes, apparently people were up in arms about it – me thinks they are pissed that they were outed as stoopid.

Courtney: This was an ACTUAL STORY over at E!.  Woooo hot, controversial topics, E! Such hard-hitting and scandalous stuff.  I’m sure you guys peed your pants 2 years ago when the Kardashian harpies tweeted out Rob’s voting number and claimed it was Justin Bieber’s cell #, right? Or a year ago when Kirstie was also claiming that her voting number was really Bieber’s cell? Yes? No? But c’mon, people – it’s a goddamn 800 number.  Even a low-functioning meth addict could probably take a look at it and go “Wait a minute…that don’t look right.” So if you were dumb enough to think that a) that was actually Chris’ cell #, and/or b) that he was actually dumb enough to tweet it out, you deserve to inadvertently vote for Amber & Derek…oh, the humanity! Such a sadistic punishment!!! *desperately trying to feign horror*

Heidi: Not mention that an ACTUAL reporter would look at Chris’ timeline (see below) and note that the number he tweeted exactly matches the number in the tweet of Amber’s that he retweeted a couple hours before. Credit where due – Ali of The Bachelorette was on E! when Gulianna the dim was complaining about this being “cheating” and she loudly says “Come on! It’s an 800 number!!” LOL – not good when you’re bested in the smarts department by a Bachelorette. Pssst…what are the odds that the Colfer fangirls and boys were already voting for Amber anyway? Yeah, I thought so. 😀

Courtney: Giuliana is an ostrich in a Posh Spice wig.  Pay her no mind as she squawks inanely 😉

Chris Colfer 2

Oh, Val. 🙂 Discuss.
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