Dancing With The Stars And MTV’s Snooki A Much Happier Person Now

In promos for the return of “Snooki and JWoww“, Snooki did a segment for Good Morning America today. She talked about motherhood and how much it’s changed her. She’s over the partying thing now and a much happier person.

More coming up with Snooki! Stay tuned to this spot!!

ETA: Snooki writes about she and Sasha’s new dance at people.com. She mentions the song they will be dancing to and gives out some information on the “Switch-Up Challenge Dance as well. “A crazy show” is right!

This week Sasha and I are dancing the fox trot to “Buttercup.”

It’s such a sweet elegant dance, and Sasha did an amazing job with choreography which you guys will see this Monday night on Dancing with the Stars.

This week was so much fun rehearsing because at this point I feel like Sasha and I are old friends. Even though we take this competition seriously and want to do the best we can, we always remember to have fun and enjoy this awesome experience.

It’s getting down to the wire now with couples getting voted off each week and it’s so sad because we all became a family.

This week’s show is throwing in a HUGE twist in the competition – all couples will be dancing to different types of music, kind of like musical chairs but without the chairs.

Whoever wins this part of the competition will get four extra points to their scores! So this week is going to be a crazy show!!!!

Also, below is Snooki and JWoww on The Ellen Show today….

Sasha shows up for this part. Too fun….