DWTS Season 17, Week 6 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

That opening pro dance is pretty good – Lacey had been really good at that since she stopped competing as a pro. I refuse to give Benji (shudder) any credit. 🙂

Man oh man, Bill got hosed on the song for a Tango. One of the worst hosings I’ve seen.  And Bill gets a 23. Remember what I said about Bill getting a 23? PRAY that I’m wrong about a few other scores, is all I can say. And hope Leah gets 21 or less.  Not counting the Switcheroo challenge crapola, that is. 🙂

ETA: Any mention of the votes from last week is conspicuously absent. So far. Hmmmmm….

ETA2: Uh oh. Two dances in and I’m only off by one point.  Yikes.

ETA3: How many times has Leah removed clothing in this season??

ETA4: OMG, are F*&king kidding me?? They are trying to send Bill home, from the looks of it giving Leah a 27??  Len says he’s been lenient?? Crack is WACK!!  He gives Leah not only a pass but a 9. This is outrageous. That dance was a 24 at best, it was so sloppy.  Bet Len is not so lenient on Amber, regardless of what she dances.

ETA5: Okay, for those of you not watching, I was right that they do the dance in two groups of four couples. They just picked numbers and it’s Corbin, Nicole, Bill and Jack in one group and then Amber, Liz, Leah and Brant in the second group. If you win, you get 4 points and it goes down from there. That minimizes the damage from the marathon quite a bit, but with the scores they’ve already handed out? Shit.


As I suspected when I saw the clock and how little time there was left, they called it all the way down to Jack and Bill, called Jack safe and then told Bill and everyone that no one was going home.  They threw out all the votes this week and no one goes home. But the judges scores from this week will be added in to next week.

NO, this does not change my utter disgust regarding Len Goodman.

Discuss. 🙂