Maksim Chmerkovskiy Would Welcome The Offer To Judge Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

In an interview with Today, Maksim Chmerkovskiy talks of Val’s new clothing line and how he’s been working to sharpen his acting skills. There is also talk of him judging Dancing With The Stars. Even though he hasn’t received a phone call or an offer yet, he’d welcome it “with positivity and smiles.” Below is more about how he’d be unbiased….

If that were to happen, Chmerkovskiy would be put in the same position Hough was in when she sat at the judges table — having to dole out criticism and score a sibling pro. For Hough, it was brother Derek (who’s partnered with Amber Riley). For Chmerkovskiy, it would be brother Valentin (who’s dancing alongside Elizabeth Berkley).

The question is, would he be up for the unbiased job?

“Absolutely,” the older Chmerkovskiy responds. “Because I wouldn’t be judging my brother — I’d be judging the celebrities and what they are showing us.”

Hough’s remarks were encouraging and positive during her one-episode stint, with the possible exception of her quip about her former dance partner and childhood pal, Mark Ballas, being a bit too much of a showman. The statement generated lots of publicity. Chmerkovskiy insists he’d be supportive of the dance pros and their partners because he’s been in their shoes.

“I’d never be detrimental in any ways with my comments,” he said. “I know the effect that has. I’m not going to go after the pro and say, ‘You should have done a better job,’ because I know how difficult it is.”

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