PureDWTS Season 17 Week 6 Media After Dance Night, Late Night Rehearsals

So far, there hasn’t been many interviews released after the show (yet?). Though for starters, we did find this George Pennacchio ABC7 recap with a few new interviews in it. You can watch it at ABC7. Below is also some interview quotes….

When it came to the dancing, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, scored the season’s first triple 10s for a Cha Cha that head judge Len Goodman called “hip-notic.”

“Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe I was seeing it when those paddles went around. It was very exciting, very exciting,” said Berkley Lauren.

They got the only perfect score of the night but ended the evening tied for first place because of the “switch-up challenge.”

The eight teams were divided into two groups to dance for extra points without knowing what songs would be playing. The challenge lifted Amber Riley and Derek Hough from second place to tying for first.

“I was just like, I’m going to have fun and try to make it look like I know what I’m doing and stay committed. And that’s what I did because I definitely had no idea what I was doing,” said Riley.

Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd ended the evening in third place, followed by a fox-trotting Nicole Polizzi and Sasha Farber.

“I’m not a ballroom dancer, and the fact that they’re saying my lines are pretty and, you know, I’m somewhat pulling this off, it means a lot to me,” said Polizzi.

Here’s Henry of PopTVDotCom interviewing some of the cast out partying after the show. It’s Henry’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HENRY!)! He also interviews the couples arriving to and leaving late night rehearsals….

Stay tuned! We hope to have more shortly!

ETA: Below is Donald Driver and Melissa Rycroft weighing on last night’s dancing on Good Morning America. Both think there will be a double elimination coming up….

ETA2: Afterbuzz TV was able to get some interviews in after the show. They also find out some of the new dances for next week…. Snooki and Sasha have the Samba next. Peta and Brant dance a Jive (and they have a great and “classic” song). Bill and Emma have the Quickstep. Karina and Corbin have a Cha Cha.

ETA3: To listen to all the On The Red Carpet interviews, visit this link. From their interviews, we find out Cheryl and Jack have the Jive next week.

You can also watch one Access Hollywood with Bill and Emma below. Watch the link, they may post more later.

ETA4: You can also read Carrie Ann Inaba’s new blog at Parade.com. Below is take about the elimination. I love what she said about Bill Engvall!

Week six in the ballroom was quite eventful. Not only did we see our first 30 of the season, but for the first time in DWTS history, the producers chose to not send anyone home. Sure, it’s happened in the first week, when we wanted to give the couples two dances for the audience to get to know them, but NEVER in the middle of a season. When Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet went down that list of who was safe, I was shocked that they went through everyone so quickly and ended with what appeared to be a goodbye to Bill Engvall. But they turned it around and made it a happy ending for all! Talk about tears of joy. Bill was crying tears of joy! You have to love that man for his fearless expression of his love for the Glitterdome!

CNN also interviewed some of the couples last night after the show….

UPDATE: I’ve heard who is (allegedly) on the teams for the team dances – but I’m not going to post it right now for two reasons.  One, I’ve got a source to protect; and two, I find it so unbelievable that I question the validity of it.  Here’s a hint: the level of skill between the two teams seems really, reeeeeeally lopsided this time, and I daresay Derek’s undefeated record will easily remain intact…and either Elizabeth is a sh*tty strategist, or she’s got Val giving her really bad advice on who to pick.  Bill fans, I hope you voted – HARD.  Discuss 🙂 –Court

UPDATE #2: Well, since ABC has let the cat out of the bag, so can we 🙂 The teams are as follows:
Team “Spooky Bom Bom”: Elizabeth & Val, Leah & Tony, Snooki & Sasha, and Bill & Emma (song: “Bom Bom” by Sam & the Womp )
Team “Foxing Awesome”: Amber & Derek, Corbin & Karina, Brant & Peta, and Jack & Cheryl (song: “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis )

“Bom Bom” by Sam & the Womp
“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis

Aaaaand here’s a pic of these sillies 🙂


Do I even need to tell you guys who I think is going to (easily) run away with the win on this one? 😛 –Court