A Possible Double Elimination Coming Up On Dancing With The Stars, More Interviews

Hey, just a few more media things to share that came out after dance night. First, don’t miss taking in this Access Hollywood coverage. They also interviewed a few of the couples….

Also, Today posted a good read about a possible “double elimination” coming up which we figured might happen. However, it may not happen next week. Then again, maybe it will? Take a look below at what an ABC rep told them. Thanks to PureDWTS reader Kaitlyn for sending and more at the link.

An ABC rep told TODAY that an upcoming episode will have two couples exiting the ballroom on the same night, but that that double-elimination won’t necessarily happen next week.

While there were rumors of a non-elimination circulating among the cast before Monday’s show, Smirnoff said she didn’t get her hopes up.

“You never know,” she insisted. “The plan changes five times a day. By the time you hear the old plan the new one is already in place.”

Prepare for anything. If a double elimination happens next week, who do you think should or will go?

I would say Leah for sure, but, I’m torn on the other and I don’t even want to think about it since it might be Bill? 🙁