PureDWTS Season 18 Food For Thought & Poll: Possible New Pro…?

So my friend Amanda over at PureSYTYCD shot me a tweet this afternoon – she gets to go to the SYTYCD live show tonight in Atlanta, and she happened to run into some of the cast at the mall earlier today.  She apparently got to talk to Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall (co-winner of the most recent season of SYTYCD), and according to him, someone from his season “will be on DWTS next season”.  He didn’t specify who, and he didn’t specify whether they’d be a pro or in the troupe – but there were 4 ballroom dancers on SYTYCD this season, so I figure he must be referring to one of them (although stranger things have happened…look at Tyne).

Yes, it’s probably a bit early for anyone to know for sure whether they’ll be on the show next season, but it did get me thinking: maybe TPTB are already scouting out new talent for next season, and they want to go fishing in the SYTYCD pool once more…so it might be possible that they’ve at least been “in talks” with some of the ballroom dancers from season 10 of SYTYCD about coming over to DWTS.  If so…who could it be?

The four possible choices are Brittany Cherry, Jenna Johnson, Alan Bersten, and Paul Karmiryan.  Both Brittany & Jenna are part of the VIBE family that gave us Lindsay & Witney, so I’m guessing that by extension, they’ve also worked with Mark on more than one occasion.  Both ladies have also appeared in guest dance numbers on DWTS before (see below – Brittany’s the brunette on the left, Jenna’s the one on the right).  I don’t know quite as much about the guys – I know Paul actually won the Armenian version of SYTYCD a few years back and lives in California, and Alan comes from a dance family (his older brother also auditioned for SYTYCD, but the judges chose Alan) and lives in Minnesota.

If this little nugget of info is true, who do you guys think will be joining us on DWTS next season?

I’m personally leaning towards Jenna – she’s the VIBE connection, she went pretty far on SYTYCD, and she seems to have the same “big” personality on the floor that we see from Witney.  Definite troupe material, IMO.  Not sure I’d want any of these 4 to proceed straight to pro, but I think any of them would make a decent addition to the troupe.  What do you guys think? Do you think we’ll be seeing any of these dancers gracing the DWTS floor next year?