Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 7

The odds makers have placed their new bets at Sports Bovada!! This time they’ve switched Brant and Snooki! They’ve also switched Leah and Bill! The numbers have changed some too….especially LEAH’S from 18/1 odds to now 100/1 odds!!!

Corbin Bleu 5/4
Amber Riley 7/5
Elizabeth Berkley 6/1
Jack Osbourne 12/1
Brant Daugherty 16/1
Snooki 16/1
Bill Engvall 100/1
Leah Rimini 100/1

Below are last week’s odds:

Corbin Bleu 3/2
Amber Riley 7/2
Elizabeth Berkley 7/2
Jack Osbourne 14/1
Snooki 14/1
Brant Daugherty 18/1
Leah Remini 18/1
Bill Engvall 100/1

My thoughts: Finally, Leah is getting the odds she’s deserved since this season started. She’s just got to go this week. Though I was shocked to see Brant lowered on the list. I thought he and Peta’s dance was good last week (it’s also been one of my favorite dances of the season so far) and I’m even thinking he might be a dark horse now and not Jack? I don’t know…but, these new odds are exciting me a little more than in previous weeks. ➡ Though please, I hope Bill keeps proving the odds makers wrong!

Let’s see what Heidi and Court think?

Courtney: Well, I guess if they still think Bill has such sh*tty odds of winning, the next best thing is recognizing that someone else has equally sh*tty odds of winning – especially when said person is total Debbie Downer.  😛 The fact that we didn’t have an elim this past week has left me feeling a bit blind to how the votes are going – I like to think Bill is getting more votes than people think he is, but I really don’t know for sure.  I’m a little puzzled by Jack being so high, since I think he’s been fading into the woodwork these past few weeks and hasn’t exactly gotten stellar scores – he’s done alright, but he hasn’t done great…and I think he’s running the risk of getting lost in the shuffle.  Surprised Snooki isn’t higher – she seems to have done pretty well these past few weeks.  As for the top of the pack – I think the judges are going to continue to push Elizabeth on us, to ensure that she makes the finale; I just worry that if they prop her up enough, she could end up displacing either Amber or Corbin for the 2nd place spot.  I think Amber & Corbin deserve to be the last two standing (both in terms of dance skill and performance quality), but the very suspect behavior of the judges this past week makes me worry that they may tinker a bit too much in the finale – Len doesn’t like Amber, Carrie Ann & Bruno don’t seem too fond of Corbin, and all three heap praise on Liz.  Please tell me I’m being paranoid in worrying about all this now 😛

Heidi: Sorry, you’re not being paranoid. 🙂 They haven’t really switched Brant and Snooki or Leah and Bill, they’ve lowered Snooki’s odds down to Brant’s and Leah’s down to Bill’s.  Why they would give Leah a better shot than anyone, at this point, is beyond me.  But I do think the top 3 is shaking out to be what they’ve got up there. The only thing I question is Jack’s placement so high. I agree with Courtney that he’s getting lost in the shuffle – through no fault of his or Cheryl’s. There are just bigger personalities. I think I would switch Snooki and Jack.  If not for the judges seeming determined that Bill goes home, I would move him up the board a spot or two as well. But unfortunately, the judges scores do count and the writing seem to be on the wall for him. Maybe. 🙂 Let me take this opportunity to pimp my Dancing by the Numbers post which will be arriving in an hour or two. 😀