DWTS Leah Remini Talks Of Her Competitors, Keeping Her Emotions In Check, And More

TV Guide interviewed Leah Remini. She talks of what it’s been like to work and dance with her partner Tony Dovolani and doing Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take about how she feels on some of her fellow competitors who have more dance experience than her and keeping her emotions in check during rehearsals. MORE at the link!

Having no dance experience against competitors like Corbin Bleu andElizabeth Berkley may seem like it puts you at a disadvantage, but sometimes it can work to your favor. The audience seems more impressed by people who have no dance experience going out there every week.Remini: I agree. I mean, I enjoy watching Corbin and Amber [Riley] and Elizabeth, but I can’t really tell the difference between the pro and the celebrity. They’re extremely talented. … But I do love watching Bill [Engvall] and Jack [Osbourne] get better and better, and I have a smile on my face every time they’re on the floor. And I think that’s why people watch the show. They see themselves in us. I think most people love to dance. I think most people love the idea of people who have never done it before get out there and not only learn something new and fun for them, but actually perform it in front of a lot of people. So, they’re kind of going on that journey with us. I get Tweeted all the time, “I started a dance class because of you and Bill.” It’s a cool thing if you can inspire someone to do something that maybe they weren’t doing before.

They’re continuing with the team dances this week. You briefly walked out of rehearsals last week for the “switch-up challenge.” Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?Remini: Coming off of [the previous] Monday was difficult, and then hearing, [we’re trying] a new thing … you go back to bad habits. Immediately, Tony was supportive of me in that moment, but because he was supportive and because I knew deep down he was going to take care of me. That was a lesson to me. You’ve got to do things that you’re not comfortable with. But ultimately, I think going back in made me stronger. … I had my little pity party for two seconds. Tony was like, “Just have fun.” Jack was texting me going, “Let’s just have fun with it.” And I was like, “You’re right again.” So, I actually really enjoyed it. It was really a lot of fun. I react to things, and then later I’m like, “Eh, idiot.” I think too much of it. We all have emotions. Some people don’t let it out. I let it out and then I’m like, “Sorry!”

I have such a hard time saying anything positive on this one. 😐