DWTS Season 17, Week 7 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

Great opening dance by Mandy Moore!

The Big ANNOUNCEMENT is that Cher is performing and guest judging – BFD. I mean, really? That warranted me not missing the first few minutes?? You’re going to be pimping the crap out of it for the next 7 days!! Is Cher on a label affiliated with ABC/Disney???

Derek is dressed to Dance!!

Brant and Liz both use a shit ton of frippery and once again don’t get called on it. We’ll see if anyone does tonight. Wonder if Derek has any frippery.

Len is still in love with Liz.

Bruno says Brant went off time a couple times and still gives a 9. Right. AND he slipped on the skirt. Right.

Team Spooky Bon Bom is smack talking – biggest smack talkers usually lose.

ETA: Team FoxingAwesome easily wins the Team dance – wasn’t as close as the scores imply, IMO, just based on the fact that FA had actual dance moves in their dance. And Ballroom to boot.


Bill and Nicole were the last two standing – and I’m pissed that we lost the darling Nicole while Leah still darkens our dance floor.

Sorry, Rioters – I cannot celebrate with you. Nicole was a better dancer, even though I liked both couples very much.