DWTS17 Karina Smirnoff Writes Of A Dance Change, But, Corbin Bleu’s “Hips Don’t Lie”

Karina Smirnoff has written a new blog at People.com about she and Corbin’s new dance. Get ready for a lot of hip action. Below is more including her thoughts about the judging last week.

I’m not going to lie, last week’s critiques had me a little confused because I had done that exact lift with Ralph Macchio from a previous season and it was never called a lift. There have also been different couples doing the same thing, so I thought it would be a safe bet to add in the lift, but it is the judges’ decision. I respect it and we can’t fight it. We just have to keep moving forward and hope that everyone enjoys what we put together each week.

We are doing the Cha Cha this week. It’s a faster dance that’s upbeat and fun! It is going to show that Corbin’s “hips don’t lie!” There will be fun, fast movements throughout the dance and a ton of hip action. We are so excited.

To read her new blog in full, see People.com. She talks of how their dance was changed (again) at first too.

ETA: Corbin has written his two blogs. Be sure to read them in full at People and Access Hollywood. Below are just a couple of takes where he writes of he and Karina’s new dance and how it’s the “turning point” now….

This week has definitely been a turning point. We’ve passed the halfway mark and everyone seems to have hit a wall. After two months of dancing seven days a week, bodies and minds are tiring and yearning for a reprieve.

This is the time to really dig deep. If you make it to the end, I think the adrenaline of seeing the finish line would carry you through. But right now we’re at the point where the finish line is just far enough to seem like you won’t have enough gas in the tank to make it.

Staying positive and taking it one day at a time is my mantra at this moment, especially because this week’s dance has been filled with hurdles that are still lingering even till now. This week we are doing the cha cha, and even though the song they gave us doesn’t match the down beats that cha cha is supposed to be danced on, somehow Karina managed to find a way to have traditional cha cha steps on this unconventional rhythm.

Frustration was higher than usual this week but we were able to finish and fine tune a dance that is the result of what we strive to do every week, stay optimistic in the face of opposition and put your nose to the grindstone! I hope you, the judges, and in the moment, we, enjoy it!

This week, we are focusing on making sure all of the elements of traditional cha-cha are in the dance.

We’re also focusing on the technique, my form and giving the judges no room to dock our points for lifts or for not having all of the pieces of the cha-cha in the dance.

Besides how well we execute it, I want to make sure the emotion is there and that my form and technique are on and I don’t mess up any parts of the dance.