Snooki Writes On The Samba, The Group Dance, And More On Dancing With The Stars

This past week has been a little rough on Snooki being she had lots of press for her show “Snooki & JWOWW and she had to learn two dances for Dancing With The Stars. Each week on Dancing With The Stars is getting harder and harder, but, Snooki is excited for tonight. Here is more from

Each week just keeps getting harder and harder, but with each week I feel Sasha and I trying even harder and we definitely aren’t ready to leave the competition yet.

I’m so excited for our group number! We are the “Spooky Bom Boms.” (We’re competing with Val and Elizabeth, Emma and Bill and Tony and Leah). I feel like our group is different from the other group because we all are goof balls. We are all here to have the best time out of this experience and were ready to dance.

Can’t wait for the show! We’ve all been working very hard this week so we hope our audience enjoys every minute of Monday night’s episode!