PureDWTS Season 17 Week 7 Media After Dance Night, Some New Dances Revealed For Week 8

Haven’t the AfterBuzz TV interviews been excellent this Season? I’m liking them as much as the George Pennacchio interviews for On The Red Carpet. They get to the heart of the matter below. Also, and as in previous weeks, they find out a few of the new dances for next week. Note how Emma and Bill have a Disco dance (but, it could possibly change). Karina and Corbin have the Argentine Tango. Peta says she doesn’t know their dance yet, but, it’s one of two. Val and Elizabeth don’t say.

The On The Red Carpet interviews aren’t up yet, but, if you go to ABC7, you can see a preview some interviews for what might be coming.

Below are some interviews with Access Hollywood. These are pretty good again too.

More coming later! Also, don’t miss more with Derek and Amber at PureDerekHough.

ETA: ETA3: And here is Henry of PopTVDoTCom interviewing some of the cast after the show last night! Thanks to @DWTSgossip, this link has some fun photos of the cast partying at Mixology.

ETA2: The On The Red Carpet interviews are starting come out. For what they have so far, we’re learning that Derek ‘thinks’ he and Amber have the Rumba. Val and Elizabeth have the Jazz. Peta says they either have the V. Waltz, the Fox Trot, or Disco. Keep watching this link, they may post more.

ETA3: Don’t miss reading Carrie Anne’s new blog at Parade.com. Below is her take on the elimination and the team dances.

So, let’s move on to our little self-proclaimed Chihuahua or Squirrel Monkey, Snooki. I loved watching her every week and quite honestly was devastated by her elimination. It broke my heart. I cried when I went over to hug her after the show. She really made herself so vulnerable on this show. I have a lot of respect for this young lady. She is a trooper, unafraid to be herself in a world that often doesn’t support that. The way she attacked each dance — always walking on her edge — was inspiring. She has a very special spirit. She is a survivor and a winner in my eyes, and I wish her the best in all her pursuits. I really would have liked to see her continue to grow. I got a sense that with each dance, not only did she grow as a dancer, but as a person as well. There was something very touching about that. I also want to congratulate Sasha on his first year as a pro. His choreography was excellent and his support of her was unwavering. They should be very proud. I will miss our little Pocket Rocket, but we know she will continue on her path to greatness in her role of being a mom and whatever else she sets her mind to.

Both group numbers were great. The first one by “Spooky Bon Bon” was actually the more interesting and entertaining for me, but I saw a few mistakes in synchronization that caused me to take a point off. The second group number by “Foxing Awesome” was performed better, but a bit bizarre in a good way. And I guess I should clarify. I have no idea what it is to take acid, but I do believe that if I did take acid, I might have seen that dance. 🙂 Kudos to all our dancers and pros for putting on such entertaining and creative group numbers. They are the best group numbers I’ve ever seen!

Below is Extra with some of the cast as well….

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ETA4: CNN also interviewed some of the couples after they danced. Below is somg footage from them…..