Sasha Farber And Snooki Dancing With The Stars Elimination Interviews (Videos)

For media starters today, let’s go straight to all the new interviews with Snooki and Sasha! It was so sad seeing them go too soon. I have to say (like so many of you have said in comments this season)….Snooki surprised me. I was never a big fan to her before she did Dancing With The Stars. Before the season started, I forecasted her as being the “most dramatic”. Was I ever proven wrong. She was nothing but refreshing and a pure delight to watch on this show….and so fun and cute too. And Sasha…I have to give him props too. He was fierce out there on the dance floor with her. I especially loved their high jumps and cartwheels, etc. Ok, enough from me, here are their interviews. I love how Sasha said she was “a dream come true” from him…

Stay tuned! We’ll have more with these two later. xx

ETA: Below are Snooki and Sasha on GMA. Also, be watching The View. Around mid-day, they should be posting their interview from today’s episode.

ETA2: If you visit People, you can see an interview with Snooki. Bill and Emma and Cheryl and Jack chime in on her departure as well.