DWTS Tony Dovolani Starting To Wonder About The Finals, Val Chmerkovskiy Talks Of Bill Engvall And More

Just a few blogs that we need to rant on a little and maybe you do too? First up, Tony Dovolani has written a new blog at In Touch. I have to laugh at how seriously he took that the other team was spying on his team as if they seriously needed help or hints from them? Also, after seeing he and Leah’s dance Monday night, did you see anyone who said, “gosh, I can’t believe she did that”? He’s also starting to wonder if they will make the finals. 😯

Every week is crucial now, especially as we have some momentum. It’s time to push it and poor Leah… that’s what I’ve been doing! I made her do things in last night’s salsa she never imagined and she does not hate me for it. I’ve been overzealous with the choreography and making sure we get out there and have people say, “gosh, I can’t believe she did that.”

Last night, we also had the team dance with Elizabeth/Val, Snooki/Sasha and Bill/Emma. Our team is pretty cool and we’re not caring much what the other team is doing but they spied on us! I’m like really, why? They have Corbin, Amber and Brant? Everyone on our team embraced the spirit of what the team dance is all about and we’ve been texting and face timing to help each other prepare for it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I hope we continue to do well, as now is the point I’m starting to get hopeful that we have the goods to make it to the finals. After being on the show for so long you know not to think too far ahead, but there is a glimmer of hope and I’m starting to wonder about the finals, so wish us luck.

Val Chmerkovskiy has also written a new blog at Today. Check out what he writes about Bill Engvall and how Bill wanted to switch places with Snooki Monday night. He didn’t think it was right that Snooki got voted off. What a class act he (Bill) is. Val also writes of why he chose Bill first for their team dance.

After Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was voted off Monday night, Bill Engvall, who was part of our team Spooky Bow Bow, said he couldn’t let this happen. He felt it was wrong that Nicole was leaving and so he was going to go over to Tom Bergeron and volunteer to leave the competition in her place.

Imagine what Bill was feeling. The whole ballroom is maybe upset because he’s safe and Nicole has to go home. That’s a lonely feeling. I talked to Nicole briefly after the show, but I’m concerned about Bill, too. He’s a great guy who works really hard. I told Bill that it wasn’t his fault and it had nothing to do with him. I said to Bill, “You volunteering to leave is not going to change anything. This is your journey. People want to see you do your thing. You’re here to grow and inspire people. It’d be more wrong for you to leave than it is that Nicole is going.”

Derek Hough and Amber Riley picked Corbin Bleu first for their group dance. They clearly went for the best. In my head, I automatically wanted to pick Bill because he’s the underdog, the person nobody expects anything to come out of. I made it my agenda to make sure he did well. He gave our group dance its heart. I didn’t want him tucked away in the back. I wanted to challenge myself and him and leave him with an incredible memory.

More at In Touch and Today.

Heidi rants: These guys, I swear. Tony needs to get a sense of humor, STAT! Dude, lighten up, have a little fun. BTW, Derek has won an Emmy and has never lost a team dance – do you REALLY think he needs to spy on you?? And clearly, Bill was returning the favor since he was joking about seeing their costumes. So your team was about a sense of what the team dance is all about?? You’ve been spending way too much time with the C Bros as the “us versus THEM” mentality has clearly rubbed off. His comments sound very petulant and not in the least what team dance is supposed to be about. And I’m not even going to touch on his comments about his choreo other than to say – you’d think after this many seasons on the show, and many other arcs similar to Leah’s that he would have SOME sense of how the show works and what could happen to Leah once they’ve managed to get rid of Bill. Leah isn’t a crap dancer like Hope Solo was, but if her arc doesn’t follow a similar trajectory to Hope’s then Leah has an ABC show in the works and they’re keeping her around for that reason only. Jesus, is he going to throw a FIT when the judges start getting real in probably two weeks. If Bill continues to stick around, they will continue to overscore everyone except him in hopes he leaves. If Bill gets eliminated, Tony might be in for a rude awakening – because by my reckoning, Leah is the next lowest on the totem pole. Okay, I lied…Tony, your choreo ain’t all that.

As for Val…my god, the smug sense of self importance! Yes, Val, we know BILL’S heroic attempts were all about you, and you picking him first was really all about how YOU wanted to give him a good experience and not shuffle him to the background. LOL – and you wanted to “challenge” yourself; if that’s not a backhanded slam I don’t know what is. Oh, and how horrible of Derek and Amber to want the best possible team – how horrible of Derek to make sure that HIS PARTNER is well served by the experience. Good God, man, what if it had been LIZ who had been the shocking elimination because of the 3 point difference between the two teams?? Do you not think that 3 points helped Jack over Nicole?? (Psst…Nicole was also on your team, dude.) You may not care about the points – but guess what? They matter just as much as the audience vote.