Bill Engvall Discusses His DWTS Journey, Feelings On Cher, New Disco Dance, And More

This is such a cool interview with Bill Engvall!! He tells TV Guide all about what his journey has been like so far on Dancing With The Stars and the biggest impact it’s had on him personally. Though last week it wasn’t easy seeing Snooki eliminated when he thought it should be himself. Below are his feelings about Cher judging this upcoming week and a take on he and Emma’s new individual dance. He’s a hoot! Check it out…

Yes! She’s the guest judge this week. How excited are you?
Engvall: That’s when I knew there’s a God. [Laughs] … I’ve been a fan of Cher since the Sonny & Cher show. I always thought she was one of the sexiest — I look at her and go, I could totally hang out with this lady. It’s just going to be a blast. I’m dancing to a Cher song, and she’s going to be 10 feet from me. … She’s on par with me, as far as a fantasy girl, with Farrah Fawcett in front of the Indian blanket.

Is there an added sense of pressure because she’s going to be judging you?Engvall: Pressure’s trying to save somebody’s life, or being in the military and you don’t know who’s shooting at you. That’s pressure. I’m dancing. [Laughs] I think at first there’ll be some nerves, but … I’m the regular guy that will walk up to you and go, ‘Hi Cher, I’m Bill Engvall. How’re you doing?’ I’ll be nervous meeting her, but it’ll be fun.

What are you working on for your individual dance?
Engvall: We’re doing disco, which I love. Of course, [Emma] wasn’t even born. She goes, ‘When you were in the disco, what was your move?’ I go, ‘My move?’ She goes, ‘Didn’t you have, like, a standard move? I go, ‘No. My only move was, how do I get this girl from the club back to my apartment?’ What’s funny is, we have gotten through this disco quicker than we’ve gotten through any dance. We actually have the dance down. Now it’s just cleaning it up.

More at TV Guide. Instagram below courtesy of @DancingABC with the caption, “In only 4 weeks someone will be bringing home the mirrorball trophy. Will it be #TeamBill ? #dwts”