Brant Daugherty Interviewed About His Time On DWTS, Talks Of Cher, Next Dance, And More

TV Fanatic has posted a cool interview with Brant Daugherty (one of the best of this season with him imo). He chats about how he’s holding up physically and mentally on Dancing With The Stars, what’s it’s been like working with Peta, and which has been the toughest dance so far. Below is more including talk of Cher and a small hint on he and Peta’s song for their Fox Trot.

TVF: Which of the judges is kind of the toughest to impress?

BD: They all have their expertise and different strengths they look for in the dance. I know Len [Goodman] is historically the tough one. He’s the one who really watches the technique and the timing and he has a lot of ballroom experience. He’s actually been one of our biggest supporters on the judge’s table, which has been a huge relief. I think he can see the work and the technique we’re putting into everything.

TVF: Len’s actually off this coming week and Cher’s sitting in for him.

BD: Yeah, we’re all dancing to Cher songs this week. So we’ve been exposed to a couple of [her songs] lately. I can’t say which song we’re dancing to but it’s one of her classics.

TVF: Can you say what the dance is this week?

BD: We’re doing a Fox Trot this week.

TVF: Which dance so far has been the toughest dance for you, Brant?

BD: I have to say our jive was for me the most challenging dance. It’s just a minute and a half of jumping and running and sprinting and spinning and jumping again. I was exhausted by the end of it. It was the kind of dance where you could only run it once or twice before we had to take a break, but it was hard to learn it like we learned some of the other dances.

With the Tango, you can just practice the Tango all day. But as soon as you do the Jive once, you’re sweating and you’re exhausted, and you have to take a breather before you can try it again. So it was a bit more challenging than the other ones.

TVF: You and Peta [Murgatroyd] seems like you got along so well. What’s one thing you’ve learned about her that surprised you, if anything?

BD: I really learned over the last two and a half months – three months, however long it’s been, how tough she is. I really didn’t know much about dancers or dancing before all this started. It seemed like it was challenging but I didn’t know it was as brutally exhausting as it was. For Peta, she’s not only learned and choreographed all the dances but danced them and taught me the dance and watched me as I danced and critiqued me. She has a lot going on. I have a lot of respect for her. She has one of the hardest jobs I can imagine.

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