DWTS Season 17, Week 8 – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

Well, in the first six minutes of the show, we have Cher singing to either a bad backing track or with a backing singer who is not good.

We have Cher who comes onto DWTS and brings her own dancers, with DWTS pros left to fill in.

We have Cher almost fall on her ass on the floor.

And one Cher costume change.

Then Corbin and Karina did a rather messy AT – lack of rehearsal time showed. It was so messy, but of course the judges rave.  He ends up with a 29 which is, IMO, acceptable for that dance. Bruno called it right.

Someone please get Jaymz off my TV. Thank you.

ETA: Come on!! Please tell me you’re not going to rave over a crappy V. Waltz!!  Dance number 2 and I’m pissed off.

Extra shitty camera work this week. Two big flubs and we’re only 20 minutes in.

ETA2: Are you kidding me? Leah beats Brant? In what universe?? I guess we need JLo in the audience for another week, eh?  Jack and Amber had the best dances of the night, Val was an idiot for vocalizing he wanted to pick Corbin or Amber, since Corbin wiped the floor with them.

So, Amber has immunity (which will hose her cumulative score, but whatever), Corbin beats Liz and Leah beats Brant.  Unless Bill pulls out a win, he is the most likely to be eliminated.  This show is so obvious sometimes.  I suppose it could be Liz or Brant – neither would surprise me.

ETA3: Got wrapped up in the comments and forgot to update to say that Brant was the one to go this week.  :::sigh::: There is no way Leah won that dance off. But she does bring JLo. I did get a sense of them getting real with her tonight. If not for Cher, she would have been tied with Bill after the individual round.