Tony Dovolani And Leah Remini Hopes Fans Will Like The Love Story They Tell Tonight

Tony Dovolani has written his new blog at In Touch Weekly (isn’t he a day earlier than the norm?). He writes that Leah has had an injury, but, she hasn’t been complaining. He also says Leah is “really into the competition right now and is over any doubts she’s had.”

Tonight we dance the Viennese waltz and are very excited about Cher being on the show. Leah’s really into the competition right now and is over any doubts she’s had and wants to go out there and challenge everyone. We’re also really curious looking to see how Cher judges. It will be a different energy. Cher has an Oscar, Emmy and Golden globes; the woman is a successful performer; from stage to movies and we want to know what she thinks of our story and presentation. Dance experience doesn’t really matter when you have someone like Cher judging as she has so many performing years experience and she comes from old Hollywood.

I believe she will do a great job. Sure it’s added pressure for the stars, and for us professionals there all kinds of emotions. I’ve been a fan of Cher’s for so long, so it’s a little nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. I think she is a true living icon and one of the last true stars left. I mean she has had hits in the last five decades; could you imagine being that relevant for that long? That just tells you she has ridiculous talent.

Leah’s injury has been a problem this week, as we are also preparing for another dance challenge. But she has been fighting through it and not complaining. I know she is in pain because I see her wincing at times, but I ask her if she’s okay and all she will say is “yes.” I love that about her because she’s not using it as an excuse and doesn’t want a sympathy vote. Her opinion is that she’s on a dance show and she made it to week eight, why would she want anyone to feel sorry for her? And we are almost at the homestretch with a slight light at the end of the tunnel.

More at In Touch Weekly. I think I will wait until tonight to see if she does any complaining and judge for myself. Just sayin’!