PureDWTS Season 17 Week 8 Post Media After The Dances Including Interviews With Cher And Chaz Bono

Hi Dancettes! So, far there isn’t much to share for new interviews with the cast of Dancing With The Stars after the show last night. Hopefully, as the day progresses more will come out. For now, head to Entertainment Weekly. They interviewed Corbin Bleu, Elizabeth Berkley & Val Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough & Amber Riley, and Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke. They talked of the elimination and how “intense” and “dramatic” it was. Val thought he and Elizabeth were going home. Derek said it’s going to be sad to see anyone go home from this week on and he is right.

Below is Corbin and Karina chatting with Access Hollywood. They talk of the crazy night and the elimination….

Also, Chaz Bono and Cher talked with Access Hollywood. Chaz talks on losing 85 pounds. He feels like a completely new man. Cher talks of how she cried before the show for how nervous she was, but, she had so much judging. She also discusses when she first met Sonny at the coffee house. Awww moment.

Henry of PopTVDotCom also interviewed some of the cast after the show heading to Mixology. Note how Tom wants more guest judges such as his friend William Shatner. I hope they have more guest judges in the future too. It helps mix things up. What do you think?

ETA: On The Red Carpet have released their new interviews. You can watch them all at this link. Afterbuzz TV is also starting to release their new interviews here.

ETA2: Carrie Ann Inaba has written a new blog at Parade.com. I thought this bit was interesting about hot “the right couple always goes home”.

Let’s get back to the question at hand: Did the right couple go home? My answer is that it’s always the right couple. It sounds like a cop-out, but it’s true. The audience votes and we score. If the question is: “Is Brant Dougherty a better dancer than Bill Engvall?” The answer is a loud and resounding “Yes.” But our results have always been a combination of the judges’ scores and America’s votes. That’s much more interesting than just letting the judges call the score. Although right about now, a lot of people wish it were only the judges’ scores that counted. Our combined scoring method is what makes it so fun and so different. No other show has judges who actually give a numeric score. They usually give their opinions, but that’s it. Its part of what I think makes our show so fun, so I always respect the way it all turns out. I’m sad and sometimes shocked at the results, but I respect the way our show works.

ETA3: Sorry for the delay as I had to work today. I am just now getting caught up with the On The Red Carpet and Afterbuzz TV interviews. From these interviews, we find out some dance info for next week. Derek and Amber have the Salsa and the Quickstep. They have picked Mark for their trio dance. Jack and Cheryl have a Samba with Sharna and a V. Waltz. Bill and Emma have The Charleston for their individual dance. They don’t mention what is their trio dance, but, they have picked Peta for it. Corbin and Karina have picked Witney for their trio dance. Val and Elizabeth have picked Gleb. Leah and Tony have picked Henry. Be sure to take in all of these new interviews here and here. JC and George do a super job as always.