DWTS Peta Murgatroyd Interviewed About Her Elimination, The Judges Scoring, And Lots More


TV Guide has posted a new interview with Peta Murgatroyd. They ask her about she and Brant’s elimination, how she felt about Cher, and which dance she would have done differently. Below is a take for how she feels about the scoring from the judges this season, the single night format, and how this season stacked up to others. ADDING:
Also, check out Getty Images and Zimbio Pictures for some new photos of her and Brant during their press run in New York. They are fabulous! Picture above courtesy of Zimbio!

Did you feel that you were scored fairly each week?Murgatroyd: Yeah, I think the judges were amazing to us this season. We always would take on their comments positively and make sure we use them in the next week. I think they were really great for us.

How do you like the new single night format?Murgatroyd: I didn’t mind the new single night format, because it’s just jam-packed with everything that Dancing with the Stars has to offer. People don’t have to watch three hours of dancing a week. But I really do miss all the acts and performers that they would have on Tuesdays. Like when Cher came in this week, it was such a treat for us to sit there and not do a pro number or anything, and just watch a performer, instead of us performing all the time. So, that’s what I miss, having a Tuesday show to just relax and then have voting at the end.

How does this season measure up to previous seasons?
Murgatroyd: Personally, I think it’s been the toughest season because of the talent. The celebrities have been incredible this season, and I think the casting department did an amazing job. There’s such an array of different celebrities and different personalities on the show. I think I’ve made the best of friends in this season in particular with some celebrities. So I’m really happy about that.

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