Val Chmerkovskiy Writes About Emotions And More On Dancing With The Stars

Val Chmerkovskiy writes that all kinds of emotions tend to get the best of you at this point in the season of Dancing With The Stars which is true for he and Elizabeth Berkley. He explains more below and how they plan to have fun with this Salsa next week. They also have a Viennese waltz. Below is more….

They showed Elizabeth videotaping me in the pre-dance segment. Things got a little intense. This week was tough because we’re really getting into the competition. It’s all positive, but emotions tend to get the best of you at this point in the season. I don’t mean negative emotions, but rather any kind of emotions that you feel when you get excited or nervous or passionate about wanting to get something perfect. You need to keep your cool.

I feel like we just lost our cool a little bit this week, but, again, not in a negative way. We got a little bit too into it. We’re here together enjoying ourselves and we love what we’re doing. I tell Elizabeth to treat each week like it’s week one — don’t treat this like week eight. I say to her, “Yes, now, there’s a bigger spotlight on you, but you have nothing to lose. Just get out there and enjoy yourself.”

Next week, we have two dances, salsa and Viennese waltz. I’m not knocking this week’s song, which was “Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” because Cher is a legend and I love that song, but it’s an intense song to dance jazz to. I’m glad that all of that is out of the way and we can have fun with the salsa. That dance is a lot of fun. The Viennese waltz is an emotional dance as well, but it’s a bit softer emotionally. It’s not so passionate and hard hitting.

You can read his full new blog at Today. He gives Emma and Bill props too.