Karina Smirnoff Writes About The Trio Dance On Dancing With The Stars Tonight And More

Karina Smirnoff has penned her new blog at people.com. She reviews last week’s dances a little. She and Corbin really enjoyed the dance off. She also gives us a little preview for tonight’s dances. Note how she is calling this season “bittersweet”. More below and at the link.

This week we have two dances. One is a trio round. We’re doing jazz in that round and we chose Whitney from the troupe. We’re so, so stoked about it. Every time we’ve loved a dance and gotten positive comments on Instagram, the judges have always said, “Oh, it’s not my cup of tea.” So we’re afraid to get too excited, but we are definitely somewhat excited.

Whitney knows jazz. She knows it from Dancing with the Stars and also So You Think You Can Dance. The three of us love our number and we’re just praying the judges like it, too.

The whole season is bittersweet because even if we go all the way to the end, we only have less than three weeks to go. We keep thinking about it during rehearsals. We’re like, aw, that sucks. It feels like it’s been on for a year, but at the same time, everything goes boom-boom-boom and then it’s done.

ETA: Corbin has also written a new blog at people. Note how their Jazz dance has hints of “Michael Jackson” in it. This is sounding really cool so far. What do you think?

This week’s dances are great. We have the jazz and the slow waltz. We’re having so much fun. Our jazz dance is a trio with Whitney from the troupe, and it is turning out to be pretty sick. We’ve pretty much thrown in everything except the kitchen sink into the number.

Our original plan was to wear jumpsuits and masks so that you couldn’t tell us apart, but in the end we realized it’s two girls and a guy, so you can easily tell us apart.

And once we started working with the masks, we realized it was a little more difficult to get the choreography in there. So we nixed the mask in the back and now we only have a front mask and it’s only half of a mask so that way it doesn’t look as terrifying.

The dance has a lot of hints of Michael Jackson. There’s even a tap section at the end. Karina’s never tapped before, but she’s picking it up really quick. The tables have kind of turned. I’ve been the student the entire time, so it was fun to be able to teach her something.