Private Members Area – DWTS Season 17 Trio Week Discussion

The next episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 17 is in the books. What did you think of tonight’s show?

My inbox has been ravaged by fan after fan saying that they’re not going to watch the show and that they are appalled at who got sent home. That they’re not going to watch the show until the judges votes were the only thing that counts (like that wouldn’t have its own controversy).

This kind of thing happens every year, but the volume is a little higher than usual and the responses are a little more level headed than the usual shippers who are nuts over a particular star or pro. So, maybe there’s something to it. Although, it’s all I can do to hold back from saying…who cares?

I’m sure that sounds a little heartless, but we’re just talking about a TV show. I understand the pain of being deprived of seeing one of my favorites dance another week. Edyta was voted off far too early, far too often. I know that pain well, but life goes on. It’s just a show and I enjoy the dances regardless.

Ok, there’s my mini-rant. What did you think?