PureDWTS 17 Week 9 Guest Poem: “Traversing The Trio Dance-Landscape”!

Some people are so creative and that is PureDWTS guest poet Lois!!! Below is her new poem for Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 9!!


The ballroom was a’flutter, the dancers holding on to each other tight
TRAVERSING THE TRIO DANCE-SCAPE, a popular twist for the night

Each trio was unique, their dances filled with much excitement galore
TRAVERSING THE TRIO DANCE-SCAPE, many surprises were in store

Corbin, Karina, and Witney were all Jazzed up with dramatic flying feet
Their trio dance deemed perfection, they accomplished a daring feat

Gleb, Liz, and Val were colorful, dancing to a flashy, classy Salsa beat
Their moves were dashing, they were smashing, with snap happy feet

Mark, Derek, and Amber created a Salsa filled with razzle-dazzle fun
Flying across the floor, she, in yellow, shining like a ball of fiery sun

Jack, Cheryl, and Sharna a wild, jungle saga making Tarzan proud
Like Tony the Tiger, flouncing, bouncing, it stirred the ballroom crowd

Peta, Bill, and Emma mixed up a Salsa with gals, confections in pink
It was a candy-licious, dandy-licious, “store”house, don’t ya all think

Leah, Tony, and Henry made a parody of the judges, an energetic jive
Bruno, Carrie Ann, and Len loved their imitations, gave a high five

TRAVERSING THE TRIO DANCE-SCAPE, everyone gave many cheers
Wouldn’t we love to see this style of dance for many, many more years

Corbin and Karina Waltzed with elegance, exquisite lines were flowing
Jack and Cheryl Waltzed, gliding beautifully as if they were glowing

Tony and Leah displayed an Argentine Tango with fierce dancing feet
She shone in a brilliant, ruby red dress, so beautiful, sharp and neat

Derek, Amber’s Quickstep, drumming to a dance band beat just right
Val, Liz performing a marriage, a Viennese Waltz, she in gown of white

Bill, Emma hung out their Charleston fun, filling the basket with the beat
Dancing across the floor, it was a yak-yakkity, a happity ballroom treat

Who would have to say good-bye to their ballroom family and friends
Val and Elizabeth were announced, it was sad their dancing time ends

TRAVERSING THE TRIO DANCE-SCAPE, the night in the memory book
Next week, Week Ten, we will return to the ballroom for another look!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 13, 2013

TRAVERSING THE TRIO DANCE-SCAPE, it was a spectacular night!
The ballroom shook with applause, it was a DANCE-SCAPE of delight!