Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Numerology Forecast For The Semi-Finals And Finals

As regulars to PureDWTS might know, we usually do an Astrology feature at the end of the season for Finals. Donamadrina added her “Numerology” predictions to the mix last season. Well, today we got to tweeting and talking about it privately and decided to break them up into their own posts for what she was finding regarding last week’s elimination and how the numbers lined up for Val and Elizabeth. Fascinating stuff as you will soon see. Special Note before reading futher: Last season, Donamadrina NAILED it with her Numerology predictions which you can compare and take a look at here. Ok, so below is Donamadrina with her new Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Numerology predictions for the Semi-Finals and Finals…

Donamadrina: Numerology is not an exact science. Just as in Astrology, where you have to consider more than just one’s Sun Sign, so it is in Numerology where you have to consider more than just one’s Life Path number. Also, when looking at our Dancing With The Stars couples, we have to remember that their lives are more than just Dancing With The Stars, and the scoring results. For example, in Week 8 (November 4), both Amber and Derek had challenging numbers, so I was thinking, sadly, it just might be their last week. However they were declared SAFE. So what did their numbers refer to? From what we knew of their private lives, both were challenged health-wise, Amber with her recurring knee injury and Derek with his recurring back injury.

In another example, on November 11th, each couple had a partner with “Extra Sunny” numbers. So who had to go? From the challenging numbers, either Corbin or Amber should have been eliminated, right? However, they were both declared SAFE. We know Amber was still “challenged” by her knee injury, not sure what Corbin’s challenge was. Each had the voting numbers to stay around though. Elizabeth earned a 30 for her last dance (Extra Sunny), but… she was eliminated nevertheless.

This year’s numerology tells me that things are “really” close. When I did this, I saw that Leah had Extra Sunny a lot, so it’s no wonder she’s gone so far. A final four is too hard to project. I’m thinking it’s between Jack or Leah. Jack could make it over Leah due to Cheryl’s fan base. However, Tony is likely to pick up Val’s fan base, helping Leah. Leah also will have the Extra Sunny scores from November 18th, combined with the not so great scores perhaps from the 25th. Either way, I think the 4th spot for the final four is between Jack and Leah. I think Bill will make it due to his scores from November 18th. But of course, this is not an exact science when based strictly on Life Path numbers.

So…with that in mind, let’s take a look at the numbers for each dancer…and each couple. Also note and to clairify that “Extra Sunny” is the same as “Great” that I used in my predictions last season (Great/Extra Sunny is a better forecast” than “Good”). Let us know what you think?

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